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Could this be MS?
Jul 28, 2008
... nd it doesn't want to cooperate. I've also been feeling like someone has been poking me with a needle all over my body, arms, legs, neck, everywhere. And I had a burning sensation in the back of my left upper arm. ... (18 replies)
Stabbing pains
Feb 26, 2008
... I have suffered from neuralgia for quite a while now on and off in my face, arms and legs. I'm in the midst of a relapse now and getting them in my throat, it's called glossophyarngeal neuralgia and let me say it's the worse one you can get.. ... (8 replies)
... my hips , especially the right is like a burning sensation i have never experienced , so that is new and only within last few months .. so i too am bouncing around with symptoms and have to wait til i see the neuro .. ... (16 replies)

... Michael asked me to post a short list of my symptoms so here goes. Started in September 2006 and progressing ever since. Many tests- MS and otherwise- all negative. No spinal yet cause no indications I need one. Anyone have any ideas? - constant Numb in whole body except front of torso- including tongue. - constant ear pressure and full head feeling - like my brain is... (9 replies)
Ms symptoms?
Sep 23, 2005
... out two weeks later just falling down and feeling pretty helpless. After, falling a bunch of times new symptoms started to develop, blurred vision,double vision, burning sensation of my calves, upper arms, sorta like a squeezing pressure, also I have had numerous amounts of muscle spasms, and eye twitching. ... (2 replies)
... Have you been dxed with MS yet? I have been dxed with MS for 30yrs now. Back when I was being dxed there was no MRI, just a bunch of test that took forever. It took me 2yrs to get my dxes of MS. Once I had it , I read everything I can get my hands on, on MS. I still do it. I do not jump at every drug that is new for MS. I had a bad experience with Avonex, took it for a year... (3 replies)
... :confused: Had mri on spine today due to problems which started 18 mths ago. Extremely tired/exhausted like someone removes my muscles whilst asleep Sleep changed blured vision one eye/floaters all the time/double vision objects look like there moving Shivers/goosepimples no matter how hot go down body like waves A noise in ears funny i know but i turn it on then off lol... (3 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with MS by two neurologists, on April 29 and July 19. MRI shows lesions in brain and spine. Symptoms have been ongoing for about 8 months and include numb, tingling hands, llermites sign and fatigue. I also had a six month case of optic neuritis 5 years ago. Today I had a sudden, frightening, severe episode. It was a combination of numbness,... (4 replies)
Possible MS
May 16, 2005
... Get second opinion! And go to a neurologist who is knowledgeble about MS. Recently I had a teacher who was diagnosed with a stroke a year ago. It was finally determined she has MS. Please let me the status. I have had MS for over 22 years. The biggest drug you will take is between your earlobes. JDC (1 replies)
Possible MS
Oct 25, 2004
... Since early august, I've been experiencing MS symptoms. It started with a burning sensation in my hands and feet followed by increased floater spots in more vision. ... (1 replies)
... My wife has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. She is on Plendil and water pill for the past two weeks. She is complaining of extreme fatigue and now is thinking she has symptoms of MS - because of the "spells" of fatigue she is feeling, combined with numbness in the arms and legs that comes and goes - in addition to a burning sensation on her skin (all symptoms of MS... (6 replies)
... I also have periods of time where I will wake up with both arms tingly, sleeping, pins and needles or just plain heavy feeling. ... (1 replies)
Oct 18, 2006
... First signs showed up last winter on the front of my shins, had awful burning, tight feelings in them and couldn't stretch my legs straight out in front of me. ... (2 replies)
... it's mostly concentrated in the toes. It can be just one toe or all of them. A lot of times I feel like my big toe is trying to separate from the others and the sensation originates in a callous under the big toe. ... (6 replies)
... burning on my arms then the feet and legs. ... (7 replies)
... ed here. I've always enjoyed excellent health, and the recent onset and acceleration of symptoms I'm experiencing has me feeling scared. About 6 weeks ago I felt burning on the sole of my right foot, which then spread to both feet, up legs, and to head and face, and inside ears. ... (3 replies)
... t's mostly concentrated in the toes. It can be just one toe or all of them. A lot of times I feel like my big toe is trying to separate from the others and the sensation originates in a callous under the big toe. ... (6 replies)
Could this be MS
Apr 11, 2014
... sometimes when something touches me i get a weird sensation in that area. like a burning cold feeling. ... (8 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... Do you know where your lesions are in your brain (location)? In the IMPRESSION portion of the MRI report, did it say that the lesions were consistent with demyelination or multiple sclerosis? MS lesions have a specific look and specific locations they like to settle in. Numbness in MS tends to last in an exacerbation >24 hours, in fact it has to last >24-48 hours to be... (14 replies)
Possible MS???
Sep 12, 2012
... So many MS Symptoms, burning legs arms, tingling, crawling sensation, when I lay down I cannot have anything on my legs it hurts too much. Blurry vision, tired, not sleeping. UGGGHHHHHH!!! 3 years now have been to family DOC and NEURO, Neuro said I have Fibro.... it isnt that... ... (14 replies)

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