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... like sensation in some cases. ... (5 replies)
Even more worried
May 15, 2011
... d put it down to being just period related, but I get burning and tingling in my hands and my feet, cold hands and feet, sensitive to touch, and, more recently, eye pain in my right eye. ... (6 replies)
Possible MS?
Jun 9, 2010
... my arms were getting do sore and tired from just that movement and that has happened before as well. ... (2 replies)

... The weakness in the legs is more then likely not related to inflammation in your spinal lesion, since I would expect that tingling and numbness too if it was. ... (24 replies)
... Lots of strange sensations in legs, arms torso such as tingling, pins needles, achy, burning and vibration sensations. ... (5 replies)
... but I will outline the symptoms I have which sound similar to yours. I have tingling and pins and needles sensations in both hands and feet. My arms and legs sometimes do not feel like they are mine and feel weak. I also have a cold dort of a sensation through my arm and leg at times. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, Just a update, the tilt table was some what uncomfortable. My legs became vey heavy and tingling and burning. my feet were numb. I also had a headache and I had this hot sensation around my head and neck. ... (82 replies)
... like sensation that runs from the back of the head down the spine, brought on by bending the neck forward. ... (7 replies)
... m wearing lead boots, my legs just feel so heavy at times, my arms ache, as does my back. I get real bad muscle spasms down my left side. I wear tinted glasses as I find some days to bright to cope with. ... (2 replies)
... Over the past year I have been experienceing muscle weakness in my arms at first and it was quite noticeable, my arms would feel heavy and I couldn't lift things that I've aways lifted. I take care of seniors and now its so diffcult, it comes and goes thats the good thing. ... (1 replies)
... stabbing that starts in eyebrow and goes to the side of my cheek by my nose, lips going numb and bottom lip will start contracting, weakness in arms, burning on the top of my foot, and extreme pain on the bottoms of my feet, vibration in my abdomen and legs, eye twitching, and some visual disturbances... ... (12 replies)
... Gosh it is stupidly early in the morning been awake for ages with my feet hurting and hands hurting and some of those horrible burning patches that are just plain nasty, no idea what is wrong with me but needed to have a little moan somewhere, seeing my gp today so I can have a moan to her lol. ... (13 replies)
Ms or what else?
Sep 5, 2013
... Hi Reni. I woke up one morning and my one side of my face was numb and then the numbness progressed to my arms and legs. The first neurologist found weakness in one arm and leg. ... (37 replies)
... I have several areas where I will have a burning or cold sensation for a few minutes, then will disappear for a while. Then, it comes back. It's not just in one arm or leg... ... (15 replies)
... Blurred vision, vertigo terribly for 3 weeks, then gone, then back again. Burning mouth. L'Hermittes Sign. ... (31 replies)
... scalp. Tightness across chest. Hot sensation on top of right foot for about two weeks, now switched to the left. ... (18 replies)
... eling has progressed to weakness in both my arms, hands and legs. They feel weighed down and do not feel like they are part of my body. I also get a cold sort of sensation associated with numbness particularly in my left arm and leg. ... (2 replies)

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