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... tingling in both arms hands, heavy warmth feeling and i have felt burning sensation in right arm too. ... (4 replies)
... or anxiety. Started having unexplainable pains in my legs in late September, and by late October saw my PCP. She suspected MS, and sent me for MRI, which showed approx. ... (2 replies)
Could this be MS?
Jul 28, 2008
... been having a hard time with my hands, to the point that I was putting up cupboard doors and I had to force my hand open to let go of the screwdriver and my left arm feels so heavy and it doesn't want to cooperate. ... (18 replies)

... Burning sensation located in my middle and upper back. ... (4 replies)
... ed findings. After awhile the symptoms went away and I though nothing of it. In 2010 I was dx with high bp. I was put on norvasc. This episode started with a burning sensation in my left knee, then spread up my thigh to abdomen, back and arm. It hurt when someone would brush up against me. It hurt to stand or walk. ... (7 replies)
... side of my head. This went away, but would reappear periodically whenever I got very stressed. Over the years I have also had a feeling of pins and needles in my hands and feet which just comes and goes. ... (2 replies)
... spine. I usually have the burning sensation and severe pain in my lower back through my left hip down to my knee. ... (2 replies)
... Symptoms come and go. Leg or arm would "jump" on its own. ... (3 replies)
... OK, I need some education. I called yesterday to neuro & ask for a MRI of neck & spine. The only MRI I've had is to check my pitutary gland. Anyway, the nurse called me today & said he would only order one of my neck. He says that with my leg & arm hurting & other sx it won't be in my spine. It will only be in my neck. He did say if my neck shows something then he will... (6 replies)
Even more worried
May 15, 2011
... d put it down to being just period related, but I get burning and tingling in my hands and my feet, cold hands and feet, sensitive to touch, and, more recently, eye pain in my right eye. ... (6 replies)
... The weakness in the legs is more then likely not related to inflammation in your spinal lesion, since I would expect that tingling and numbness too if it was. ... (24 replies)
Could this be MS?
Jun 11, 2009
... I just wanted to describe some symptoms that I have been having in the last week. Let me know your impressions on them. All in the last week: -slurring words (Having trouble articulating some words) -stuttering pretty bad (Almost like I have forgotten how to start a sentence) -muscle twitching... still -muscle burning (One day it would be upper left arm, the next... (42 replies)
... bly I must write very slow, hover my face over the paper, and keep my elbow on the writing surface. It's very labor intensive and becomes painful in my hand and arm after a very short time and I frequently end up dropping the pen as it simply flips out of my fingers. It's humiliating all the way around. ... (6 replies)
Could this be MS
Apr 11, 2014
... and my hands too. Feels like things are crawling on me sometimes. ... (8 replies)
... like sensation in some cases. ... (5 replies)
... but I will outline the symptoms I have which sound similar to yours. I have tingling and pins and needles sensations in both hands and feet. My arms and legs sometimes do not feel like they are mine and feel weak. I also have a cold dort of a sensation through my arm and leg at times. ... (8 replies)
... Gosh it is stupidly early in the morning been awake for ages with my feet hurting and hands hurting and some of those horrible burning patches that are just plain nasty, no idea what is wrong with me but needed to have a little moan somewhere, seeing my gp today so I can have a moan to her lol. ... (13 replies)
Ms or what else?
Sep 5, 2013
... ni. I woke up one morning and my one side of my face was numb and then the numbness progressed to my arms and legs. The first neurologist found weakness in one arm and leg. He also determined that I had loss of sensation in my hands to my elbows, feet to knees, and in my face. My first dx was a stroke or TIA. ... (37 replies)

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