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... n Wednesday. So even though I am not diagnosed I still am very curious about this symptom I have had for years. For the last decade or so I go through periods of burning in my upper arms and part of my back. When I think back they would last weeks then go away. ... (8 replies)
Burning sensation
Apr 20, 2005
... In the last 6 months things have started returning, numbness, tingling in a arms and legs, sharp pain in left eye, mainly left side. but my biggest complain is burning of the skin it feels like someone is brushing hot pepper on my skin, my face small strips, legs, arms, stomach. ... (2 replies)
Burning sensations
Nov 17, 2004
... i get a burning sensation in my hands and lower legs. . like a mild sunburn or it sort of feels like a stretching sensation. I am constantly rubbing my hands. ... (14 replies)

... About 5 days ago I began experiencing burning sensations in my lower legs. It has now spread to just above my knee, and my upper forearms and just above the elbow. I'm not sure what could be causing this. ... (1 replies)
... During this summer I suffered severe burning to the point I could of cut my own legs off.This did subside after a few months.I used towels that were partially frozen to help with the pain.Now it comes and goes. ... (5 replies)
Burning sensation
Apr 21, 2005
... lose your insurance. I think it is so sad the amount people that go without medical care in this country bc lack of insurance. Anyway, I am dxed and I also get burning sensations, lower legs, hands sometimes. . sometimes a little around my middle. . it feel like a mix of really really tight dry skin or like razor burn. . ... (2 replies)
Burning sensation
Apr 20, 2005
... I have the same burning feeling. Mine is in my thighs, and in the palms of my hand...when I get it in my hands it makes me want to itch it until it is raw. ... (2 replies)
... L'Hermittes has been mentioned as a cause - that's possible but difficult to say with your description. L'Hermittes is not exclusive to MS. There are a few other things that can cause L'Hermittes. L'Hermittes: Bending your head down and feeling shocks and/or vibrations/buzzing from the spine down. Some feel it through their arms others down the legs. If you have... (9 replies)
... Random pains in legs and harms like being punched real hard from the inside out, these do not last long.. ... (18 replies)
... I am undiagnosed and absolutely desperate. I basically went to bed one night and woke up the next day disabled. I woke up aching all over, in severe pain and my legs didn't feel right at all. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I have made my list for my appointment tomorrow. I have never written it out until now - I feel a nut looking at it all together ..... Here is it (a rough draft). 2006 - Extreme fatigue Low back pain - left side - 4 months (4 replies)
Need some advice
Oct 5, 2006
... something else is going on.. here are my symptoms.... constant twitching in left leg, i cant see the twitches only feel them and its so annoying.. i get a stange sensation around my ankle area when touched, like a numbing feeling but i still have sensation.. ... (7 replies)
MS Symptoms?
Mar 19, 2013
... anxiety. On January 16th i began having this nerve burning sensation on both inner thighs and top of knees. I also had malaise, achey legs, fatigue, and pain in my groin. ... (32 replies)
... I have usual anxiety symptoms for almost a year. However, I just started feeling some strange burning sensation in my feet especially toes and in legs and arms. It is kind of that my feet were frozen and they are burning now and tingling. Sometimes they are very cold. ... (5 replies)
... Head- Blurry vision need glasses but cant wear them do to my eyes always seem to be changing in amount of blurriness and vision capabilities. The latest was I was looking at a chechered pattern and my vision went all blurry and it got me all dizzy and my head was spinning. Jaw pain feeling of muscle spasms in my jaw 2-4 times a month I get eye... (4 replies)
... id and hot and some of the symptoms got worse for example I was very active and in shape but for some reason no matter how much I would slow down the pain in my legs got worse and worse, I wrote it off but thought maybe I was just over doing it. ... (11 replies)
... Since I remember I have this burning pain in the left site of my body. This include left leg, lower abdomen, left upper back, left arm, left neck, and a WHOLE face this include my tongue also. ... (7 replies)
... bees sensation in my brain, feet, and hands since I stopped taking antidepressants last year. ... (7 replies)
... down to feet with numbness and burning sensation, heat, intense tingling. My bottom last night was numb. I have no reflexes sometimes or hypoactive reflexes. ... (6 replies)
... nd new to this board and any idea of MS. Went to the doctor today. I've had a problem for 13 years now. Just burning, sensitive skin in different areas, arms, legs and buttocks. Uncomfortable, somewhat painful, but manageable. Most of these lasted 2 or 3 days, thereabouts. ... (2 replies)

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