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... LOL, I entertained myself with my L'Hermittes much in the same way once I got over the "ACK WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME???" panic. ;) I'd forgotten that I did the same bending the head trying to keep with the beat of the music as well haha. Too funny! (10 replies)
... neck forward. My neuro says it's L'Hermitte's Sign, which is apparently really common in MS. When it really gets going, the buzzing shoots up into my feet and up to my knee. ... (10 replies)
... Have any of you ever experienced a buzzing sensation underneath your feet? ... (10 replies)

... nd makes me feel a little less like I am going crazy. I was diagnosed 21 years after the birth of my second daughter and have mainly the sensory symptons but my feet are now an ongoing thing on a daily basis. Its very hard to explain symptons to a Neuro what you can feel and they can't see!! ... (6 replies)
... Just today I noticed a strange buzzing on the underside of my right foot. About two seconds of buzzing, two seconds of no buzzing, and then the buzzing again. It doesn't hurt, but anything weird that you've never heard of is scary. It's been doing that all the live long day now. ... (10 replies)
... symptoms arte sensory. The majority is in my feet. THey tingle and buzz all day. It comes and goes from severe to very minor. It's worse when I am tired or on my feet alot at work. My MS attack started with waking up one morning feeling like I was walking on glass and pins and needles feeling in my feet. ... (6 replies)
... I've been having these bizzare cold spots,its been in the high 90's here all week and I will get these wet cold spots,as if someone has laid a peice of ice on my skin they can appear anywhere.And I check and theres nothing there.To top it off I have been getting this annoying buzzing feeling,started in my right wrist,then both elbows and now its been in my right leg nonstop,if... (4 replies)
... I have had lots of sensory problems, both with my feet and hands. It's very annoying, but there's not much they can do for it that I know of. ... (10 replies)
... I too have lots of sensory problems and yes I have had that exact feeling many times!! It doesn't cause me any pain...just a weird sensation like I am standing on a power line. ... (10 replies)
... how ya' feeling now? ... (14 replies)
... electric like feeling in your feet after you exercise? ... (13 replies)
Ms symptoms?
Sep 5, 2013
... Other than the burning sensation in your feet which lasted a week, how long do your other symptoms usually last? ... (7 replies)
... my numbness is more like a buzzing feeling, not really numb at all. just a buzzing that occurs under the skin of my left hand. for the past month i would awake from a deep sleep to find that the hand had gone completely dead. ... (12 replies)
... tingly feeling in my feet and legs, when I lift my head again the feeling stops. Is this related to my ms or can it be somthingelse? ... (2 replies)
Ms symptoms?
Sep 5, 2013
... Left side of body went numb in 2010 followed by migraine. Blinding aura with and without migraines Dizziness and seeing stars or pings of light Tripping over own feet or nothing at all Loss of balance and feeling like I have No legs when walking at times Memory loss and confusion Blanking out Eyes seem to cross and I see double Tingly feet and hands Burning... (7 replies)
... I have weird things happening since this heat wave too. Started last weekend with short, sharp pain on the left side of head around the temple area then a feeling of something crawling on the skin and now to top it all off I'm having muscle spasms all over, even my neck and feet. ... (4 replies)
... y that it sometimes makes the right side of my face draw up. And my eyes water when something brushes my face, because its SO sensitive to touch, because of the buzzing feeling it has. Do any of you have it, THIS bad? ... (2 replies)
Feeling depressed
Oct 10, 2008
... Hi all, I am so tired of my feet buzzing on and off, the random fleeting pains in my joints that last a second then move to another one, the EXTREME joint cracking and most upsetting the NON STOP muscle twitches that I have had every day for a month. I feel depressed because I wonder if I have MS but I dont have a dx, so it just leaves me to wonder and get more stressed. My... (7 replies)
... A few weeks after this onset, I started getting a buzzing feeling on and off in my feet. Two weeks ago I started getting muscle twitches all over my body. ... (21 replies)

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