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... Just today I noticed a strange buzzing on the underside of my right foot. About two seconds of buzzing, two seconds of no buzzing, and then the buzzing again. It doesn't hurt, but anything weird that you've never heard of is scary. It's been doing that all the live long day now. ... (10 replies)
... you for your reply, yes as you can read above I have had MS for a while now. The tingling is definately associated with the heat and often I am throwing my feet in an out of the bed to try to cool down. My Neuro has put me on 1 tablet a day of Tegretol, have you had anything as such. ... (6 replies)
... Hello I had alot of your symptoms and then Shingles broke out..after my test they Ruled Fibromyalgia ..It is terrible I also have one leg from foot to hip intense pins and needles that came and go now 3 yrs later it never went away.I am 43 and devastated. ... (43 replies)

... here and I will try and make this short as I can but 4 months ago I was running a 5k and didn't feel well that morning to go run it but I did anyways, I had been feeling fatigued lately. About half way through running my left foot became completely numb and it moved up my leg. Weird, that has never happened to me before. ... (43 replies)
Help is this MS?
Nov 12, 2012
... I am new here and not sure if I am in the correct area to ask these kind of questions, so my apologies if I am. ... (11 replies)
... When We Say We Can't do Something Because We don't Feel Well, Put yourself in Our Shoes By Using The Examples of our Symptoms Below... ... (14 replies)
... My myelitis in jan. ... (1 replies)
... Let me preface by stating that I have had anxiety and panic attacks for the past 8 years or so... it's something that runs in my family. Last summer, it got 10 x worse when I started googling diseases and symptoms which I know was a terrible choice. ... (27 replies)
... My mri in 2004 was clear. ... (6 replies)
... I can tell the steroids have helped because Im not in the pain I was in prior to taking them and I have more energy, but I still have some muscle spasms, tingling and numbness at times. ... (3 replies)
Now to the list
Nov 1, 2005
... I just had a feeling when I went to the neuro I am going to now she was going to mention MS. ... (5 replies)
... I have a history of anxiety attacks. I too have had the feeling in my throat for quite some time. Doctors have always said that this feeling is probably tension or anxiety related. I don't know. I also wonder if it could have something to do with my stomach. ... (4 replies)
... Another new thing popped up tonight, as I was typing to the left my vision was like a flashing light, almost strobe like....just lasted a few minutes. Also, the buzzing feeling is also now in my left foot. ... (4 replies)
... I have been inactive for atleast 3 months due to some other illness earning me very tense muscles all over my body along with my back feeling out of line but I'm just convinced it's MS. I was told by drs. ... (1 replies)
I am so tired.
Dec 13, 2008
... hi welcome to the boards. i havent been diagnosed yet but i have alot of the problems u have. your not alone! i was told after a incident last december to get an MRI because i possibly have MS. still waiting for an MRI. Just know that you are not alone and ppl here are helpful. (2 replies)
I am so tired.
Dec 13, 2008
... My last and only MRI's were in the beginning of 2005 and. dr is sending me for new ones but who knows when that will be? ... (2 replies)
... Last Thursday I started having numbness in a couple of my left toes. ... (9 replies)
... open eyes' walk a straight line and the marching in place as well. ... (11 replies)
... of solid food. trouble hasn't gone away. once the food goes back, it goes down no problem. liquids are no problem, either. also, last september, developed a buzzing sensation in one foot. ... (3 replies)
... As to symptoms, statistically there are percentages in play, but these are averages. ... (6 replies)

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