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... My myelitis in jan. ... (1 replies)
... I see my neuro August 11th,I've had a host of bizzare symptoms going on,last night I was typing and I got a buzzing in my neck and when I looked down it was as if someone tried to electricute me,the pain went straight down all 4 limbs,it definatly brought tears to my eyes. ... (4 replies)
... I had it a couple of times before I was diagnosed but don't have it anymore. (9 replies)

... The weakness in the legs is more then likely not related to inflammation in your spinal lesion, since I would expect that tingling and numbness too if it was. ... (24 replies)
... other sx it won't be in my spine. It will only be in my neck. He did say if my neck shows something then he will order MRI of spine. Is this true? ... (6 replies)
... My first MS attack happened back in 1998 after a tramatic back surgery,after a few test my surgeon told me I had MS. ... (4 replies)
... tingling, buzzing in entire body... Car engine seems like a good description now that I think about it. For me it is more of a purring, which bothers me most when in my head. ... (7 replies)
... I have recently started to get this strange sensation in my neck with the first episode happening last week. ... (2 replies)
... neck forward. My neuro says it's L'Hermitte's Sign, which is apparently really common in MS. When it really gets going, the buzzing shoots up into my feet and up to my knee. ... (10 replies)
... LOL, I entertained myself with my L'Hermittes much in the same way once I got over the "ACK WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? ... (10 replies)
... CIS two years ago and showed 4 lesions on my MRI. My symptoms eventually dissipated. Now, it's two years later and they've started again with tingling, numbness, buzzing in fingertips, burning sensations, etc. I went to the neuro, I had sensory changes and a positive L'hermittes sign. ... (1 replies)
... CT scan are faster ways of looking for clots in the brain, which can cause some of the same symptoms as MS. But an MRI is definitely the right test to do. But I don't think the constrast would help though. ... (8 replies)
Well, i did it.
Oct 9, 2006
... Hi Sue, Sx's include: Skin - crawling, itching, buzzing, burning, tingling. Numbness in arms/legs/feet/hands that comes and goes for periods. Have numb spots on bottom of feet, on upper back over spine, on upper left arm. Muscles - constant twitching, shaking, tremor, pain, jerking when going to sleep & waking up during night with internal tremor, spasms usually in... (7 replies)
?? on neck spasms
Sep 27, 2006
... one question i have is about neck spasms and ms. i had a bad car accident in 97 that left my neck out of whack. i periodically get episodes where my "neck is out" according to my chiro. ... (0 replies)
... eg braces,not a fashion statement,but they keep me from tripping.I have a hard time with lifting the right leg,it can be dead weight.I suffer from chronic spasms in the spine and legs.Right now I have a continuous buzzing in my neck,spine and all the way down the right leg.It buzzes all day long and night. ... (7 replies)
Nov 26, 2005
... I am not dx with MS, but when I bend my neck down I get a buzzing sensation in neck and right arm, but when I crack my neck it doesn't happen again for awhile. Does this sound like Lhemittes to any of you? ... (8 replies)
... sometimes i feel stuff like that and i go to the chiro and if my neck or spine is out of place he adjusts it and it doesn't feel like that again till my neck is out again,,, i bought a thermo matress so thats helped alot,, i think rolling in bed is how my neck and spine get out of place along with the MS (2 replies)
... Pardon the long story. This is my first post, and I figured I'd post it in here since I"m having a MRI done Wednesday to "rule out" MS. I'm a 25 year old female. ... (8 replies)
... That is known as L'Hermittes. L'Hermittes is not exclusive to MS but when related to MS L'Hermittes is caused by Cervical Spine lesion(s). Vibrations/buzzing as well as other abnormal sensations are known as Paraesthesia. (16 replies)
... Hi, Albertagirl. What you're describing can be sx of MS but not MS alone. To see other diseases that mimic MS, I'd suggest visiting the link in the post atop the board called "The Differential Diagnosis of MS". ... (2 replies)

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