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... When I had the test done it took them a while to get my toes to twitch even though i felt the electric buzzing sensation in my left foot. ... (1 replies)
... went in the hospital for liver chorosis. I started having a buzzing sensation in both feet and calves that is constant. I still have this today. She passed away a few days after Christmas. ... (8 replies)
Nov 9, 2008
... Buzzing, in the foot or leg, or any other part of the body is a common problem with MS....heat, hot showers and humidity can defintaely contribute to it in a big way. ... (5 replies)

... Just today I noticed a strange buzzing on the underside of my right foot. About two seconds of buzzing, two seconds of no buzzing, and then the buzzing again. It doesn't hurt, but anything weird that you've never heard of is scary. It's been doing that all the live long day now. ... (10 replies)
... Lhermitte's sign. I would feel buzzing sensation on my butt when I moved my head down. Immediately went to a neuro. ... (7 replies)
... Both legs tingle like crazy and fall asleep in no time but I can walk the sensation off within a mater of minutes. ... (2 replies)
... This morphed yet again, and I started experiencing extremely cold feet, constant headaches and a stiff muscle pain in one eyebrow, a buzzing in one foot that feels like my cell phone vibrating that goes off and on all day and night, and the same buzzing sensation over my pubic bone. ... (6 replies)
... weakness and foot drop. I didn't have insurance at the time and was being treated by the local community clinic. ... (25 replies)
Knee pain.
Oct 31, 2010
... t fortunately have not had the need to call on them yet and hopefully I never will. I am lucky I guess I have been very well. I still have pain in my knees and a buzzing sensation down my spine. My right foot feels freezing cold all the time, almost like I have been standing with my foot in a bucket of ice. ... (4 replies)
... of solid food. trouble hasn't gone away. once the food goes back, it goes down no problem. liquids are no problem, either. also, last september, developed a buzzing sensation in one foot. ... (3 replies)
15 min MRI
Sep 12, 2009
... buzzing in foot, loss of sensation in 2 fingers, ... came back negative. BUT only took 15 min. No contrast. Did they do my MRI right? ... (4 replies)
... mething to do with my stomach. Recently, I started having problems with numbness in my extremities, i.e. it wouldn't take much pressure to make an arm, hand, or foot etc. "fall asleep". It happens mostly at night. I also have a "buzzing" sensation in my spine and sometimes head or arms. It is a kind of vibration. ... (4 replies)
... Episodes of buzzing sensations perfectly akin to that of a cell phone vibrating. In fact, my automatic response is to reach for that area looking for my phone. ... (6 replies)
... Episodes of buzzing sensations perfectly akin to that of a cell phone vibrating. In fact, my automatic response is to reach for that area looking for my phone. ... (6 replies)
... Twitching tongue which now includes a steady buzzing, fuzzy sensation on the tip. ... (2 replies)
... legs also feel heavy and trip on my own foot quite a lot. ... (6 replies)
... When my baby girl turned 2 months old the bottom of my left foot started buzzing off and on, the only way I could describe it was as if I had a bee stuck under my foot and it was trying to escape. That lasted 3 weeks. ... (8 replies)
... y, like an arm, then a foot, then my that..though at times some are really painful, they do not last long..and then I have started to feel a burning sensation in different parts of my body..feet, thighs ect.. ... (18 replies)
I am so tired.
Dec 13, 2008
... hi welcome to the boards. i havent been diagnosed yet but i have alot of the problems u have. your not alone! i was told after a incident last december to get an MRI because i possibly have MS. still waiting for an MRI. Just know that you are not alone and ppl here are helpful. (2 replies)
I am so tired.
Dec 13, 2008
... not to mention the shakiness, weakness, muscle spasms, spasticity, migraines, numnbess, stabbing like sensations in fingertips and toes And buzzing underneath left foot. ... (2 replies)

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