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... when I jump into the pool, I feel relief for my feet and hands, it's like they defrost. ... (4 replies)
... yup i am cold all the time unless i am out in the sun.. mostly in my feet.. they never turn blue though.. that may be something to ask your DR about... ... (4 replies)
Cold feet in ms??
Nov 29, 2006
... Yes, my husband has ms and his feet are cold all the time. Hands not so much! Not much you can do as far as I know. He wears socks alot or you can put a heating pad on them. That warms them up fast! ... (16 replies)

Cold feet in ms??
Nov 30, 2006
... I suppose misery loves company.I am glad I am not the only one with cold feet in ms.I have had MS for 20 years.We do find ways to cope with chronic illness. ... (16 replies)
Tingling and cold
May 26, 2007
... I also suffer from being extremely cold almost all the time except when I get extremely hot. Seems there is no in between with me. I was never cold natured until a few years ago. Now I am always freezing it seems, especially in the hands and feet. ... (5 replies)
Cold feet in ms??
Nov 28, 2006
... Hi. I've been suffering from cold feet for a long time. My neurologist tells me it has nothing to do with circulation, it's just the flip side of the burning sensations that are also common with MS. I have a cure that works for me, but it's a little time consuming and may seem silly. ... (16 replies)
Cold Weather
Jan 9, 2006
... Yeah, I get cold hands and feet, I have to wear something on my feet, socks, booties, all the time, and my hands get so cold that my fingers hurt, so warm gloves all the time. I live in Central New York and we get a HUGE share of the cold and snow, I noticed last winter that the cold effected me more than normal. ... (6 replies)
Apr 8, 2010
... Good to know that my symptoms may improve up to the 18 month mark. ... (10 replies)
... I am like MSJayhawk. I am constantly putting on layer of clothes or taking them off. When it is really cold outside, I get hot. And when say nice outside for winter then I am cold. My feet and legs are ice cold. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you so much for replying, its certainly nice to hear others views and makes me feel a little less like I am going crazy. I was diagnosed 21 years after the birth of my second daughter and have mainly the sensory symptons but my feet are now an ongoing thing on a daily basis. ... (6 replies)
... I find that the cold is just painful to my feet now and letting them get any bit cold is not fun. ... (6 replies)
... Hello, and welcome to the site. I also have only had nausea and vomiting during really bad vertigo. If yours isn't due to vertigo, you may want to see a doctor. ... (3 replies)
... Cold feet and hands all the time. When I get in the tub to warm then up. My feet get bright red, burn and itch like crazy. ... (2 replies)
... sun goes down,, i always wear socks and slippers,,, i am hot everywhere else, but my feet are always cold for some reason and thats been pretty new, only within the last 5 months or so that i have needed socks and slippers everyday,,, thats something on my list for when i go back to my neuro in june. ... (4 replies)
... :confused: Had mri on spine today due to problems which started 18 mths ago. Extremely tired/exhausted like someone removes my muscles whilst asleep Sleep changed blured vision one eye/floaters all the time/double vision objects look like there moving Shivers/goosepimples no matter how hot go down body like waves A noise in ears funny i know but i turn it on then off lol... (3 replies)
... s new for MS. I had a bad experience with Avonex, took it for a year and a half and I became allergic to it with awful side affects. So now I will just wait, til the CURE comes it ever. ... (3 replies)
... married, and working full time. It started with double vision. Talk about devastated. I had another flare with my left leg and balance about 6 mo. later. So all in all, dx took only a few months. The "probable" ms dx only about 2 mo. Both flares were treated with oral steroids and resolved completely. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Slimlad. I dont think youll get the same answer from any two people, but heres my story. ... (12 replies)
... I was at a party and got hit in the head with a medicine ball, I thought nothing of it, my neck hurt a bit the day after, but all the pain was done in a few days. ... (6 replies)
... uld never accept just a written report. She would accept a written report initially if it were written by another MS Specialist, but she would still want to see the MRI images. I think that this should be your case too. If not, I would have a difficult time to trust the veracity of my doctor. ... (6 replies)

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