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... something I have done many times without any problems. Well, this time I started feeling pain in my left foot. I looked down at my foot to find my middle toes curling under. ... (7 replies)
Toes Curling
Mar 31, 2006
... Are they curling under due to cramps or spasms or just curling under? ... (6 replies)
... There is also a device called Yoga Toes which helps straighten the toes and relax the muscles. You dont put them in your shoes, but rather wear it around the house when you are shoeless..... ... (2 replies)

Toes Curling
Apr 1, 2006
... I think I have this problem too I say think, because my feet and toes have just started bothering me, like my shoe is not big enough for my toes? ... (6 replies)
Toes Curling
Mar 30, 2006
... For the past 3 months my toes have started curling under when I wear shoes and socks, only when I am standing. I take Baclofyn, this does not seem to help. ... (6 replies)
Toes Curling
Nov 23, 2014
... weeks I've been waking up with several toes on my left foot curled under, like a claw. It is very painful to walk until the muscles loosen back up. ... (13 replies)
... My father has MS and his having poor problems walking due to his toes curing under and effecting his balance.. does anyone know of any straightning aids he can put in his shoes? ... (2 replies)
... MSNIK the numbing I'm experiencing is not going away its spreading on my feet. This has been going on a while & I thought it was because my shoes were to tight or I had on to many pairs of socks so I ignored it. I wear extra socks & tights under my pants because my legs legs hurt really bad when they are cold & my feet constantly feel cold. None of the numbing, tingles,... (9 replies)
Foot Problem
Jan 26, 2006
... My toes curl under when I wear socks with shoes, this does not happen when I go barefoot, socks alone, or shoes alone. Solid leather insoles work better. ... (0 replies)
... S and I'm a mess. I've always been very lucky so I'm not going to whine, but everything seemed to go wrong at once. I have vertigo without warning, my feet are curling in and toes curling under making walking very difficult, blurred vision, numbness in face, hands and other places I'd rather not share. ... (1 replies)
... most of my problems are on my right side, my arm is numb from the shoulder to the fingertips, and probably will stay that way for ever. Now my toes on the right foot, sometimes the little toe curls under and my PCP said that it is not curling, but then why is my nail touching the floor? ... (7 replies)
... Blessed I think you are probably right that they will diminish with time, however it could also be a sign of a new attack. New lesions forming will cause all sorts of new symtoms. The trick, is not to fixate on them. With that said, the solution is to know WHY its happening, so its good that you are seeing a specialist in the near future and probably will have repeated MRIs... (7 replies)
... Thanks Nikki, No offense taken. I have actually coped witht these "symptoms" for as long as I have had them by ignoring them. Spasms, contractions, burning sensations and sudden sharp headaches have become part of my daily living. As you mentioned these things come and go as they please. I guess I am just more sensitive to them now because they are happening more frequently... (7 replies)
... Blessed, with all due respect; if you have MS or any type of neurological disorder, doing anything "with your mind" is not going to work. Neurological disorders are affecting the brain, The nerves, the muscles and everything else. It really sounds like you are having muscle contractions, which can be helped with a muscle relaxant like flexeril....also, if this is MS related,... (7 replies)
... Yep. What works for me is to try to draw them back towards my head. Or stand up, thats how I deal with leg's hard to do but it does help. For me, anyway. (7 replies)
... I will definitely mention this. I'm not taking any meds but synthroid for my thyroid. Idon't believe synthroid would cause this. I also have had a similar experience with my fingers on my left hand. Three farthest from my thumb will out of nowhere stiffen up and fuse together.I cannot physically seperate them with my mind. I have to use my right hand and massage them until... (7 replies)
... Happens to me all the time. It can be painful. But its muscle contractions. Another lovely side effect of MS. It can also be caused by some medications- just so you know. Youll be mentioning this in your appointment too, right? :) (7 replies)
... Been there stretched that! The toe curl has happened, but very rarely. When it did I put my feet on the floor and stretched my muscles in my foot and Achilles tendon. You might try soaking your feet in cool water, this has helped me too. :angel: (7 replies)
... Welcome :wave: Not sure what devices are available, but you might seek out an orthodics specialist who can work with your dad. Before going the device route, you might try stretching exercises. Stretching can often alleviate problems with muscle tightening. Stretching has helped me a lot with my legs and feet issues. :angel: (2 replies)
... To cut a long story short. I had a numb foot around 9pm, thought i maybe sat on it wrong from curling my leg under. Went to bed, still numb in the morning, went to GP cause it bothered me. He suggested a Neuro, but i had to wait 1week to see him. ... (12 replies)

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