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... My boyfriend has jumpy legs. I give him a leg massage every night but it doesnt really seem to help. He is on avonex only. Does anyone know anything about a diet for MS patients? ... (5 replies)
Diet for MS
Jun 1, 2008
... I think it's very important to research this on your own so you'll understand the "whys" behind the recommendations of what to and what not to eat. The "Swank" diet is the grandfather of all of these and the "Best Bet" diet is more recent and a little different. There's a lot of information out there on both of these. ... (37 replies)
... Hello everyone I wanted to share some info that was passed on to me regarding ASPARTAME, supposively its very dangerous for those who have MS,there are actually many many lawsuits, if you do a search on ASPARTAME LAWSUITS and MS,alot of things will pop up. ... (6 replies)

... there is a magic cure or "snakeoil salesman" who can miraculously cure it! MS is no different. There have been many diets and fads over the years...from drinking algae to different foods to avoid and eat.... ... (5 replies)
... If you are a regular here then you probably have read my post and you would know that i'v been batteling what might be MS symptoms.I had a friend send me some information on an artificial sweetener called Aspartame. ... (6 replies)
SWANK Diet.....
Apr 4, 2007
... HI. I tried the SWANK diet for about 7 months, I found it impossible to follow. Its very hard to eliminate all that Dr. Swank says to elminate. ... (3 replies)
... and presented case histories of individuals who were diagnosed as having MS though, upon abstaining from aspartame, found that their symptoms disappeared. How is this possible? ... (6 replies)
... y eat beef any more. I also stretch often and try to walk whenever I can. My Service Dog helps me maintain my walks. My neurologist told me that no meds works for me. That said, as we are all different, I believe that each one of us must do what we can and what is best for us. ... (13 replies)
... Sugar substitutes are bad for everyone. I have Type I diabetes as well as MS. When I was a kid, sugar substitutes were pretty new so they recommended them to me as an alternative to sugar. ... (9 replies)
... Dr. Swank developed the diet for his patients. He felt that there was a connection with high saturated fats and MS. Beef is in the high fat diet section. I eat venison, white chicken, white fish, and lean pork.Lean pork is in the medium fat category. ... (10 replies)
Diet for MS
May 24, 2008
... I follow, most of the time, the American Heart Association diet since my husband had a heart attack a year before I was diagnosed. ... (37 replies)
Ms and food
May 19, 2012
... Then, I attended a nutritional counseling for MS patients. ... (6 replies)
... I've heard that Equal or any sugar substitute was bad for MS patients ... and now sugar. Has anybody heard anything about this? ... (9 replies)
Diet for MS
Jun 1, 2008
... Dear Bearygood, thanks for the reply. ... (37 replies)
... And does he have any MS patients? ... (4 replies)
MS and diet drinks
Jun 21, 2007
... Im going to agree with hotflash on this one. Having done intensive research on my own, having visited many MS specialists as well as specialists in nutrition, I have come to the conclusion that everything in moderation is what is best. ... (11 replies)
... cdn for 60 100mg capsules. It is commonly used to treat adult acne and is given to the patient for 6 months or more for this. ... (15 replies)
... Vonnag, I will probably get slammed for this, but I think its a coincidence. ... (3 replies)
Swank Diet
Sep 24, 2012
... just to add alittle more to this, the SWANK diet, was invented by a doctor over 25 years ago.....its actually the basis of the heart healthy diet which the American Heart Association uses. Its extreme and its unproven to seriously help MS patients. ... (10 replies)
... which is the only vitamin D which stimulates the sunlight factor in your body. WIth this, I take 2000 mgs of Calcium. Calcium being important for bones, and also because I have been on Steroids 3 times this year, it has been told to me to take...I take additionally 1000 mgs of Tumeric a day. ... (5 replies)

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