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... At the present time there are 4 categories of MS. The most common type is called "Relapsing Remitting". By definition, there will be periods of remission in this type of MS. Some may have the same symptoms that linger or they may even disappear but it does not mean the disease is gone. ... (16 replies)
Can MS go away?
Dec 27, 2007
... Just because someone goes into a long remission does not mean they will become progressive once they have an exacerbation. I have gone years in between exacerbations and at this time I am still RR. ... (8 replies)
... Remission in MS is not the same as remission with cancer. In cancer remission means the cancer is gone that's not the case with MS. ... (16 replies)

Can MS go away?
Dec 26, 2007
... Yes, MS can go into remission for even much longer. ... (8 replies)
... curve and having reason to have this conversation in the first place gave you the occasion to consider this. It takes time to get to a place where you can accept MS as part of your life and in what way. ... (16 replies)
... Mild MS" would be benign MS. Your MS Society can give you info. Mild MS can disappear quickly or can develop into more severe MS. I think that Mild MS is Early Stage MS, that is, not enough time has passed to know what category you should be. You can have all the symptoms of MS. ... (9 replies)
... rgies and stuff , yet I missed alot of school. But when I turned 20, for 4 years my life took a sharp turn. My legs begin getting numb, it worsened. It seemed to go from the legs up. ... (3 replies)
Worried i have ms?
Apr 11, 2012
... I agree that both pastoral counseling as well as the college may offer you some help, which is both free and confidential and I think you should look into it. You state that you have a therapist. You may want to consider if this therapist is helping you, or if you need to find another one. ... (61 replies)
... people with the RR kind remain ambulatory throughout their lives. Of course there's the occasional bout of unstable walking or being wheelchair bound, but most go into remission and are back to as normal as you can be with this disease again. ... (16 replies)
... ran. Lyme is most often detected in the spinal fluid from a spinal having the spinal is a very good idea. One of the things that is most difficult about MS is diagnosing it...having the disease is a piece of cake, compared to getting a dx! ... (14 replies)
... lations on your baby!! I have no for sure diagnosis yet but my neuro has said i probably have MS. In my opinion you are to young to have your tubes tied. Having MS does not mean you can not have any more children. And i don't think your doctor had any right to make that kind of suggestion to you. ... (10 replies)
... There is a very small chance this is MS. When a pregnant woman has MS, the symptoms go into remission, the body and fetus are protected and its usually the only time a MS patient feels wonderful. ... (10 replies)
... hi Cindy...very good to educate yourself and my information is coming from the National MS society .just in my own words...ok? ... (27 replies)
... ehensive at first but quickly chose to take it as my symptoms worsened. No regrets. Truly I don't know that it helps but I think it does, I am hopeful that it does now and will continue to do so into the future. ... (11 replies)
... During that time, my MS specialist changed my DX to secondary progressive, because quite simply I didnt recover from 2 of my episodes. ... (25 replies)
Need optimism
Aug 9, 2010
... I used to travel to Louisville every year for the trade show. It does get humid there. The fall and spring seasons are my best time of the year. ... (9 replies)
... There are many here who have been approved for disability, med assistance, Medicaid and Medicare, etc. I agree with Beary that you should call the various MS organizations, and you may want to check in with your county's job and family office to see about getting Medicaid, or other kinds of help. ... (7 replies)
... ou're on the right track regarding finding out some answers. Let us know what the MRI of your brain shows. It's also great that you're not obsessing about having MS until you know for sure! ... (35 replies)
... he MRI that you have, hopefully it will be a T2 sequence with Flair, and with and without contrast...that is your best bet in getting a good result...however, it DOES sound like this neuro knows what he is looking for and will direct you accordingly. Try to trust him. ok? ... (14 replies)
Can MS go away?
Dec 27, 2007
... My case was RRMS. It returned as PPMS. PPMS does not have remission nor meds. ... (8 replies)

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