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... When I have a spinal lesion attack, I will get that shock sensation radiating up from the back of my ankles up to my calves, every time I take a step. It has no correlation to moving my head . . . ... (8 replies)
... For about the past 2 weeks I have been getting a stabbing pain in my right little toe and a feeling like an electrical shock down the side of my foot when I move my foot a certain way. It happens mainly at night while I'm in bed. ... (16 replies)
... Electric shock sensations are sensory symptoms and also know as neuropthic pain. ... (8 replies)

MRI results
Nov 7, 2019
... e it's going to give out but never does. It's not constant, but can be pretty often and sometimes it feels quite overwhelming and annoying. I also have a burning sensation in my left leg on occasion as well. However, the sensation have now finally gone down and are only occasionally and slight. ... (0 replies)
... when I bend my neck forward,I'll get electric impulse in my spine.I get another electrical sensation,I can be doing about anything and get electrical shocks in my right foot and they are quite painful until gone. ... (6 replies)
... I get an electric shock sensation in my toes and sometimes they will suddenly cramp up. ... (6 replies)
... and I would get shock like feelings in my feet. It is, I believe, caused by lesions at or near the top of the spine. ... (8 replies)
... I'm not so sure you were wrong, and in fact your description might be more precise: "Paraesthesia describes a number of abnormal sensations just about anywhere in the body. These include tingling, prickling, pins and needles, electrical-type buzzing, burning, skin crawling, itching, partial numbness (like feeling through tent-cloth) and a variety of neuropathic pains." ... (8 replies)
... Anyone else ever experience what feels like hard, electrical shocks simultaneously in the wrist, bend of the elbow, armpit and side of the head? ... (5 replies)
... Hi Janito, Yes, when my other foot or something hits the side of my foot it feels as if something is running inside along the side of my foot, somewhere between a strange sensation and pain/shock feeling. Have a great day! :) Hugs, Lynn (16 replies)
... I akways likened my shocks to the electrical signals failing to pass through much like a frayed extension/electric cord. With all my shocks, my teenager no longer shocks me ;) ;) LOL, but then I do not have a daughter to manage!! I am sure your neurologist can better explain your situation to you. My neurologist is excellent about answering every little question/concern... (8 replies)
... It is good that you will be seeing a MS specialist. 'o' bands in your CSF, electrical/shock sensation when you look down (L'hermett's sign (sp)), lesion on your spine, the gait and balance issues. I had all of these sx's and was dx'd with MS. I still flunk the heel/toe walk. Never heard of a 'brain wave' test. Perhaps it is an 'evoked potential test'. Be proactive,... (3 replies)
... for the electrical shock sensation and bascially today him it could be fibromyalgia. ... (2 replies)
... I ama 42 yr old female and in the past year I have had 4-5 episodes where the symptons would be the electrical shock sensation going through my body to the top of my head,severe hand pain,often with a few fingers being numb,chest pain (heart is ok)tingling on top of head--and this last spell was something else--both the soles of my feet hurt terribly--made it hard to walk-one... (2 replies)
Can anyone help me
Apr 26, 2005
... hi better, that sounds like lhermittes, which is the electrical shock sensation down the spine when u put your chin to chest, lasts seconds, sometimes pain....... ... (7 replies)
... would go numb. I found that described as L'Hermittes sign after sorting through all the strange stuff I got when I did a web search for "vibrating sensation in spine"! 5. The sensation of an electrical shock. This is probably the most precise description. ... (16 replies)
MS Diagnosis
Nov 23, 2002
... Headache that never goes away. However, the intensity changes. Aching eyeballs. Light incontinence and bladder does not empty fully. Have lost the sensation to void. All I have is an aching back when I need to void. Burning pain in lower back and spine. ... (1 replies)
... The electrical shock symptom you are feeling could be from a number of things. Of course we have all felt electrical shocks...pains etc. Where yours starts and stops are a bit curious anatomically just due to where the nerve runs. ... (6 replies)
... spine. When I was first dxed with MS, I explained the sensation to my specialist and we both thought I was talking about L'Hermitte's. ... (7 replies)
... What MS symptoms do you have ? Leg reflexes abnormal ? Babinski present? What about your brain MRI? (25 replies)

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