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... for all of you who have vision problems. can i ask a question about how vision problems and bluriness present in MS? ... (1 replies)
... thought about it also I had numbness in my nose around my head and lips but I also had a really bad sinus infection I guess and I thougt it was that cuz my ears eye pop and one eye was blurri and I went to eye doc and they said it was allergys bu I've never had allergys before. ... (11 replies)
Eye problems
Nov 28, 2000
... Now the eye pain is turning to blurriness. I am starting to get freaked out. I have had problems before but this is getting very dibilitating. ... (3 replies)

... Maybe its electrlyte imbalance... Can that cause flashes of light, eye bluriness and pain? ... (34 replies)
... That's how they determine ON... if you have a big blind spot in your vision and pain when you move your eye that's ON. There are other problems that it can be that are MS related too. I've had a few different ones. ... (1 replies)
Optic neuritis??
Feb 27, 2010
... Had to read a novel and noticed a smeared spot on the page...wiped the page...nope that wasnt it.......rubbed my right eye.....nope.....rubbed my left eye while still reading with my right.......and my stomach dropped right there. ... (3 replies)
Hey guys...
Dec 11, 2013
... nd I still do NOT have a diagnosis. I was actually feeling okay since about the end of March, but about 2 weeks ago, the vision started to get blurry in my right eye again. Was very sore when I would move my eye, that has gotten better, but the bluriness is still there. ... (35 replies)
... If you're concerned, I encourage you to go to the eye doctor to get it checked out. ... (2 replies)
Hey guys...
Dec 17, 2013
... Oh frig.... I'm still hanging on, but man do I feel rough! I'd have to say this is the worst "flare' or whatever you wanna call it, bc I'm still undiagnosed that I've experienced so far. My balance is awful, still a lot of bluriness in my right eye, My right leg is so, so weak :( Even with my cane, I have to sit down a bunch of times when I go out somewhere. Leg just doesn't... (35 replies)
... ration at least 12 years before I was diagnosed with MS. The black hole in the center of your vision is one of the most typical symptoms, along with waviness or bluriness of vision, for both macular degeneration and for MS. ... (6 replies)
Arthrits and ms
Oct 26, 2004
... Hi Everyone, I have been going through hell for the last year and a half with symptoms much like MS. From what I have read and what I have learned It sounds just like I have ms. I have been to so many doctors and they still wont give me any answer for anything. I now have arthritis starting in my left hand with some swelling above the knuckles, I am wondering can MS cause... (1 replies)
... Hi Everyone I'm fairly new here and i was wondering if you are possiably being diognosed for ms should using a hot tub be out of the question. Me and my wife just bought one and after using it a few times I seem to be feeling way worse than normal. I'v been going through hell for the last year and a half and things just seem to be getting worse and i cant get my neuro to... (2 replies)

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