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... how long does MS symptoms take to progress? ... (6 replies)
... I found out I had MS at the end of September of 07 and started IVIG in November and I am slowly seeing progress. Best of luck!!!! ... (6 replies)
... Does MS eventually lead to death? ... (6 replies)

... Dogs are beautiful creatures aren't they Jayhawk? :) Such great companions! (27 replies)
... When our bodies are busy, we are more likely to lose focus on what our body is telling us. At rest, our mind is able to "listen" to our body. Sometimes the "DUH" symptom will become apparent due to the progress of the disease. ... (27 replies)
... As the others have said, there is no exact timetable and some do not progress at all. Some progress and seem to reach a plateau, as if the MS "burns itself out". ... (6 replies)
... It could take a day to 30 years....It is hard to say" OR the disease might never progress at one's disease is the same, for many, many people they never progress, for others it comes on over certainly doesnt happen over night. ... (6 replies)
... The number of lesions does not rate the progress. The time between attacks is the main factor. You might check with the MS Society there as well as searching the internet for "MS Types". I know there is a chart available that separates the MS types and is quite simple to understand. ... (16 replies)
... It could take a day to 30 years....It is hard to say. ... (6 replies)
... There is no cure for MS which means there is no cure for symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... this site has been the most informative as it not only tells you about the bad side of this awfull illness but also informs you of the better outcome which seems to be just as litely or possible as the more devistating of the outcomes ..that alone gives me hope ...thank you. ... (6 replies)
... An MS exacerbation can come on quite suddenly, and last anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. On occasion, symptoms can last for months. It depends on what type of MS you have and if it is an attack or just left over damage from a new lesion. ... (2 replies)
... posted before, I have an issue with weakness that started in my left leg. Since I have HA I have been thinking that it was a panic attack, because my leg started to feel weak and it didn't feel as a part of my body. It all happened in a few hours. ... (2 replies)
... Actually, MS does not preclude one from driving all by itself. Most of the stories I've heard of folks not driving have been cases where the person with MS has made the decision that it wasn't safe. I hope that I won't reach that point, at least not for a long time! ... (12 replies)
... First off, welcome "here". I would, as your doctor has pointed to you, take care of your back first as this appears to be the primary cause. It is good to hear you have a doctor who listens and acts for you. ... (1 replies)
Ms decisions
Jan 27, 2012
... Hi there. Im sorry you are having to go through this. ... (9 replies)
... Hello Preserved60 and welcome to healthboards. I can hear the anxiety in your post and I hope that we can give you some information to help you relax. ... (23 replies)
... Ok, first off I want to say.... stop being so hard on yourself... what you are going through IS real. ... (3 replies)
To All
Oct 28, 2006
... a newbie to this site, but not to MS. I'm a former special education teacher, presently "disabled", and far too young to be retired. ... (4 replies)
... A week and a half ago I hurt the lower right side of my back. I went to my primary who just gave me muscle relaxers and motrin and told me to take it easy. Later that day, I noticed that my LEFT thigh and calf were kind of tingly and had a "dull" feeling. ... (1 replies)

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