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... I can't say that I know how to read MRI results by any means. We will have to leave that to someone else, and of course, ultimately, your neurologist. ... (34 replies)
... I just had my first brain MRI this morning. Aside from the noise, it was a pretty pleasant experience...didn't last very long either. Anyway, before the MRI, my neurologist scheduled me for a follow up but not until Jan 3rd! Isn't that a long time? ... (20 replies)
MRI results
Aug 9, 2012
... So long story short, I received my MRI results and everything was completely normal. Since my MRI was done just on the brain, and without contrast, I know I am not out of the woods so to speak. ... (3 replies)

... I had my mri this morning also. I am just starting the testing process to see what is causing my numbness and tingling sensations. ... (20 replies)
... Had MRI on Friday and was wondering how long until I should hear something. My neuro got the results on Friday. I don't know what the "procedure" is on this sort of thing. Do I need to call or wait for her? ... (2 replies)
... OMG I can't believe how long you have to wait for an appointment with the neuro. That must suck! My road to a diagnosis started in August 2004. Out of the blue I lost consciousness. ... (19 replies)
... Oh, Blessed, it sure does sound like they are brushing you off. I had to wait two weeks after my first brain MRI, that seemed quite long to me. But the difference is, I got copies of my MRI when I left the test. ... (20 replies)
... I had my doctor refer me to a neurologist, but 4 weeks later I am still waiting to get notice about an appointment time. Also, I've been referred for a brain MRI and a thoracic spine MRI but I just received notice that my brain MRI has been scheduled for July 14th. ... (11 replies)
... That is crazy you have to wait that long. Where are you from? ... (13 replies)
... Im not sure how it works in Canada, or how long you will have to wait.... ... (2 replies)
... My primary sent me for a brain MRI and I'm seeing a neuro on Oct.7th. My Mri was 2 days ago and now it's the weekend. How long did you have to wait for results? ... (1 replies)
... Thanks, Jayhawk. I appreciate your reply. I am just concerned that it will take another 6 weeks for another test, then another 6 weeks to get the results and so on and so on. ... (23 replies)
... yes, a small part can be anxiety because I am so scared of what it happening to my body, I feel like I am slowly dying, or that I will drop dead because that is how bad I feel. ... (10 replies)
MRI Contrast Types
Apr 28, 2012
... I had my MRI yesterday. It was a lot different than my first MRI in 2009. In 2009, they made me drink the contrast. This time, they injected me. ... (7 replies)
... When they ran me through the MRI, my results were back in two hours, but they ran me while I was an inpatient. Of course my doctor was waiting next door for them, so that sped things up. ... (9 replies)
... I also get copies of all my test results and on occasion have called the Dr to report abnrmal results. According to HIPPA guidelines you have a right to a copies of your medical records. ... (20 replies)
... It depends on the facility and how soon your neuro is sent the results. I would, at the very least, wait one week. When my were done in 2002, the doctor was attached to the hospital and she had them the next day. ... (3 replies)
... actually DO NOT LEAVE THE MRI CENTER without a copy of your films! You have the right to ask for them...they might offer you a CD or films, if you have a choice, take the films... ... (9 replies)
... January is crazy. The morning I had my attack I had an MRI... 5 minutes after, my doctor has the films. Turns out he was in the room, watching as the MRI scans came up, and as soon as they were printed, we had a follow up. ... (20 replies)
... Neuro about 3 yrs ago. He said based on everything then, he would tend to think MS but he wanted to wait and see what happened in the next year. He is no longer available. But his last words were he thought it was MS. Then I didn't meet the McDonald Criteria. ... (7 replies)

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