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... I'm not sure if this is true but someone else in the same boat told me that there are only 4 MS specialist in NYC! ... (19 replies)
... uest for a diagnosis. It was weird in that the sensation returned fairly quickly, but it was startling enough that I can't just ignore it. I've had symptoms of MS on and off through the years. My brain MRI was negative, but there is some sort of old lesion or cyst showing up on my cervical spine. ... (3 replies)
... I have asked repeatedly for a spinal tap, since the plaque, that would be indicative of MS is not present. I have read that the cell destruction from the myelin destruction would be evident in the fluid. ... (19 replies)

... i have seen under active thyroid mimics MS. but there are not much talks about if overactive thyroid does that too. when i look at the symptoms it seems it can! what do you think? ... (20 replies)
Possible MS?
Jan 8, 2013
... Rhematoid Arthritis mimics MS more than Fibro does...because it is also an autoimmune disease, youre going to see more overlap. There is a very good chance that this is RA..... ... (3 replies)
... I too, am sorry to hear of you dx of Devics..but im also really angry for you at your doctor. It is common knowledge, even among most laymen, that Devics, mimics MS in so many ways, but almost always presents as optical neuritis followed by a normal brain MRI and a problematic spine MRI. ... (2 replies)
... HA! I got all the way through these replies without seeing anyone mention the "official" name for the condition: Pernicious Anemia. I found this when I was searching for a dx. B-12 is essential to producing myelin. A severe deficiency can result in "invisible" lesions (more systemic demyelination rather than in "pockets"), not visible on MRI. I also think I recall the... (19 replies)
... I've no doubt these doctors all mean well but I think that it's not unusual for specialists to be a little myopic. I think in my case it was because it was an MS specialist and not a regular neuro. The end of last week was pretty bad for me because I felt I was without answers again, even with an MS dx! ... (19 replies)
... If I can just chime in to share an experience--I was diagnosed with fibro and cfs this week and am not diagnosed with MS--although I have tons of symptoms my MRI was great and I may not even have MS. I hang out on this board because asking questions (and getting good answers) and hearing what others are saying helps me a) feel like I'm not alone with these crazy symptoms and... (19 replies)
... Yes, you could have all those and Not have MS. There are several diseases it could be. Fibromyalgia mimics MS in a lot of ways. You would have to keep track of your symptoms and see your doctor for evaluations for a dx. ... (9 replies)
... e doctors are trying to figure out. The two deffinate things they found was fybromyalgia and sjogren's syndrome. sjogren's shows up in your blood and sometimes mimics ms. with the eye pain and other body pain, headaches etc. Have they taken blood yet? ... (5 replies)
... T6. It mimics MS. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, Nikki -- I guess we were posting at the same time! Re: Optic Neuritis and CM, I'm not sure that's correct. I'm under the impression that ON would not be termed a common sx although it CAN happen. (29 replies)
... I wish that I could send you all to my doctor. He left nothing unturned, and he is one of the highly recongized MS SPecialists in the country. I read articles about him all the time. ... (19 replies)
... Thanks for saying it in a way that I couldnt. My MS is going nuts today! ... (19 replies)
... if you have had a stroke I would get checked out for APS check it out on the lupus board it mimics MS (5 replies)
... en doing research on some of the symptoms that I have been having and many of them seem to also fit in with mitral valve prolapse so that may be another one that mimics ms..... ... (18 replies)
... There are posts on the SUSAC Syndrome that someone wrote mimics MS. ... (18 replies)
... Now keep in mind that THIS IS NOT MS rather it mimics MS. ... (3 replies)
... My apologies. I have 4 broad-based disc bulges in my lumbar and 4 in my cervical. The ortho had ordered a cervical & lumbar MRI. Both showed issues with degerenative discs as well. Who should I go to in regards to the results of the original mri? The ortho read them and sent me to this "specialist" for pain management. So now I'm just as confused as before.... (8 replies)

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