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... Your symptoms are actually similar to 100 other things I can think of...and MS mimics over 400 other diseases. ... (19 replies)
... You can have MS lesions in your spine and be completely free of MS lesions in your brain. ... (23 replies)
... Armando, lesions can be caused by all sorts of things. Infections, prior brain trauma just to name a few. A good MS specialist can tell if your lesions are MS in nature. The size, shape and placement of them helps them determine. ... (13 replies)

... HI there and welcome to healthboards...if you put your question in the search engine on healthboards with MS on it, youll find that this question has been asked and answered about 1000 times! Its kind of redundant for us to answer it every week.... ... (5 replies)
... yes, anxiety could be causing you these symtoms, but also yes, MS can do so. The only way to find out is to be tested again. In order to do so, you really should see a MS Specialist. ... (3 replies)
New Here
Jun 13, 2011
... lthboards! Unfortunately probably ALL of us have felt that way! MS, as you probably know, affects more then 500,000 people in the US alone...and unfortunately it mimics more then 300 other diseases. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks. I don't think my neurologist is ruling anything out "for sure" but I may like to have a discussion with him about my concerns, and if he does not seem to listen, I will seek a 2nd opinion. I thought that initial brain MRI would not show anything re: MS. I am just concerned b/c as I said it runs in my family, and I've read that it often mimics RA and/or goes along w/... (4 replies)
Apr 16, 2007
... That quote, the one that says MS cannot be dx by can be ruled true. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Sarah....the best thing to do is look up the national MS society online to get the basics of the disorder, but know that there are always anomalies that don't fit the scientific model. ... (2 replies)
... sister and I both have MS and your symptoms are all too familiar. ... (6 replies)
... of them. Please make sure if they are ruling out MS, that you are seeing a MS Specialist and no one else to do so.....MS specialists not only rule out MS, but they will take all the appropriate tests to find out what IS going on with you.. ... (4 replies)
... I agree with Jayhawk on this one. There is not much you can do until you get the report and Xrays back....however, I wouldnt think that MS should be high on your list of concerns. ... (5 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Mar 24, 2010
... there isnt anyone in Sussex Co who is a MS specialist. Cook, has one of the best reputations in NJ. ... (16 replies)
... sure it was MS, however he sent me for a second opinion from one of the most noted MS Specialists in the area. He reviewed my tests and gave me a thorough physical, along with history yet again and confirmed my dx. ... (12 replies)
Newbie intro
Jan 27, 2007
... Hello everyone. I'm in limbo with possible MS. I usually hang out on one of the larger MS boards, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the pace of it all. I hope you don't mind if I jump in here. Here's a little background on my situation. ... (8 replies)
... Dont lose hope. Hoping that you dont have MS is a waste of energy. So what if you do? ... (24 replies)
Neurological exam
Nov 30, 2013
... I went and read your other post with the list of your symptoms. Again, because MS mimics so many other diseases, its hard to say... ... (6 replies)
... Your list of symptoms appears to be copied out of the many lists which contain possible MS symptoms. ... (9 replies)
... nsistant with it was my pcp who informed me of this but he was reading the mri report, i was also told in 2009 that i had physical symptoms suggestive of ms but without lesions he was unable to diagnose, now i have the lesions and they still won't or can't dx. ... (8 replies)
... le the sx you're describing could be found in MS, there are many other conditions as well, both neurological and otherwise. There is a link to a good article on MS mimics in the post at the top of the page, "The Differential Dx of MS". ... (6 replies)

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