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... Well, let me start by saying that for years I have had anxiety. Not crazy anxiety or anything that has ever caused any problems, but anxiety. I was given Adavan by my Dr. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you Tammy. Notes like this really do make all the difference in the world. Your mention of how you eat, the fact that you dont always stick to the "right" foods and the supplements are sounding alot like I feel about the whole thing already. ... (18 replies)
... Had a scheduled followup visit with my primary doctor yesterday. She and I had a long discussion about all the events with my neurologist, the neurologist at the University of Kentucky, etc in the past 3 months. ... (5 replies)

... The first day I went to see my neurologist about my MRI results he looked at it and did a few balance tests and coordination tests, and he had me go over a few symptoms that I had been having. ... (12 replies)
... Sorry for taking so long to get back to these boards. First off, I wanted to ask Caring what the results of her MRI were. ... (23 replies)
... have MS, but it seems it's impossible to predict the course it would run. Late onset might mean progressive, but again it might not....or I may have had this a long time but it was so mild the symptoms were almost impossible to notice. ... (28 replies)
... ep running into these road blocks and having to find new routes, this trip ends up taking the person ten hours to get to their destination. After finishing this long trip, the MS person is totally exhausted. ... (25 replies)
Worried i have ms?
Oct 13, 2012
... i have convinced myself i have ms again. i had started gettin palps back in 08 when i convinced myself i was dying, after a long time of being stressed i had gone back into a stretch of feeling like myself. it seems like my luck i go from happy to another lul of anxiety and back and forth. ... (61 replies)
I'm a little lost
Jun 13, 2009
... r Doctors blessings. I myself am bi polar and hate taking drugs, but I also hate what my family and friends have to go through when I don't take them. I now have long ago excepted that I will have to take them all of my life, but I also have a really good Doctor that lets me try to lower the meds when life's problems are less. ... (12 replies)
... I was thinking about you a lot lately and was going to ask how you were doing after leaving the study. ... (16 replies)
... Okay, so now Ive got it. And, the paperwork for Rebif has been started. ... (15 replies)
... then medication can very likely be an effective treatment for the vertigo. The BPPV would not be caused by any lesion. ... (59 replies)
... hours a week in sales and also have a family of 3 kids and a husband who has been out of work for many months. So, its possible to do the "mind over matter" thing and get thru the initial reaction to the drugs. ... (8 replies)
... eaning towards MS, but as you know, without having ruled out EVERYTHING else and having met the mcdonald critieria, it might be too soon to tell. Im not clear on how many lesions were seen...that has alot to do with it. ... (35 replies)
... ds, arms, legs, feet. Today has been the worst so far. I really don't know what to do. I don't see the neuro again until Sept. 12. I don't think I can go that long with what's going on with me now. ... (3 replies)
Jan 29, 2007
... I'm a newbie. I'm hoping to find some support, or a friendly ear on this board. I may have MS, and am still going through a long diagnosis process. ... (8 replies)
... Now Jan 2013, I am having a new wave of symptoms. I just got some blood tests done for B12, Iron, Magnesium etc. Lab results will be available soon. The symptoms I'm having, my doctor says they are RLS, but I'm not convinced. ... (5 replies)
Lumbar puncture.
Aug 6, 2009
... Just to keep my postings up to date I had my follow up MRI brain scan appointment with my neurologist on 4th August. My scan showed up what he termed as 'white areas'. ... (18 replies)
... Thanks nikki and beary for the info on this, yea my ms specialists seems to be pretty thorough and I'm happy shes treating me. ... (9 replies)
... Im so happy for you pal. You were on my mind today and I was sending you mental strength and good vibes, but this is awesome news! ... (24 replies)

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