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... I was dignosed with RR MS in 1997 and I have been dealing with palpitations and chest pain for about 4 years now. I have had the whole cardiac work up done and my heart is fine. However I still get palpitations and chest pain every day. I am not anxious or stressed out. That is always one of the questions doctors ask. ... (5 replies)
... tilt table test and resting echo. doc says I have a ventricular ectopic beat and that it can be caused by insomnia. ... (5 replies)
... I have had 402 tests and not a diagnosis yet but looks very likely for MS and Myasthenia Gravis. ... (5 replies)

... Has anyone with MS experienced chest pain and or shortness of breath? ... (6 replies)
MS Chest pain
Jul 1, 2005
... About a little over a year before my Dx I had throbbing pain left side of my chest. I also had numbness and tingling in the left arm. Once I got done panicking I went to the emergency room. ... (3 replies)
Could this be MS?
Mar 11, 2004
... pains in the left side of my chest. It seemed to be whenever I breathed in, and I would get this sharp pain in my chest, just below the breast. Back then, and up until '99, it wasn't that bad. But the summer of '99 the pain was really intense. I would move, and be frozen by the pain. ... (2 replies)
Chest Pain
Jul 31, 2012
... early July has now moved its way down into my chest. I am having tightness and chest pains on the left side which is very uncomfortable. Yesterday I had an EKG because my neuro thought I was having heart problems. ... (1 replies)
Chest pain
Dec 19, 2003
... Have you been diagnosed with MS? I have had costochondritis for a year now with not much relief. Many years ago I was given an MRI looking for MS, were not sure of the diagnosis then. Is there a connection between the two?? I would love to know for sure- (5 replies)
... I have also had chest pain and shortness of breath. My MS neuro sent me to a heart, lung specialist.After a breathing test in a chamber along with added medications I was DX'ed with adult onset Asthma. ... (6 replies)
Chest pain
Jan 6, 2004
... Gosh, you all got me thinking here! Come to think of it, I have had chest pain before in the past. ... (5 replies)
... I have the same thing going on with me. I was DX with MS in 2002 and for the last two years this has been happening to me. A lot more in the last couple of years. ... (5 replies)
... Welcome. When I have my MS Hug I will often have chest pains, but nothing as you have described. MS can vary from person to person so much, but there might indeed be someone who endures what you have to go through. ... (5 replies)
Chest pain
May 10, 2011
... A side effect of the Disease Modifying Drugs is chest pain and should be reported to your doctor ASAP. ... (4 replies)
Chest pain
May 10, 2011
... I need some advice, Having more episodes of chest pain as of late. Scares the hell out of me everytime, even though I know its the MS. I can take a xanax and it will eventually go away. I just hate being all blah the rest of the day. Is this a sign that I am relapsing or lacking something in my diet? ... (4 replies)
Chest pain
Dec 13, 2003
... I have been reading many different boards and am realizing something that may be nothing more than a coincidence but I thought I would throw it out there. ... (5 replies)
Chest pain
May 10, 2011
... o any problems. I think it that MS Hug thing. I Have diazapam that I rarely take and I think I will go back to regular regimen at bedtime. I also have xanax I just hate feeling so drugged up after I take it. ... (4 replies)
MS and PCB's
Mar 16, 2006
... ave nerve damage in the brain from two ministrokes caused by sticky blood from multiple connective tissue disease. This time I went to the hosptial with horrific pain in my head and bad chest pains. After latest MRI they are leaning towards a diagnosis of MS. ... (7 replies)
... scary. I've had ms for over 30 years and am experiencing these symtoms in the past few years. ... (2 replies)
... years was extremely fit and healthy and went to the gym 4 times per week. ... (3 replies)
... Hello. I was dx with MS in 1998 and have been fairly healthy with the exeption of the fatigue and a few other minor problems. ... (4 replies)

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