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... I am currently in limbo like many others. I have a question I thought someone might be able to help me with. I was dx probable MS several years ago. I only had one treatment of IV solumedrol which did make me feel better. Here is my question though.. ... (4 replies)
... When I have hip pain, mine is in the left hip and it can be quite painful. ... (6 replies)
Hip pain
Jul 22, 2007
... I was DX'd with Fibro, also I have oesteoarthritis, and bursitis. ... (12 replies)

Hip pain
Jul 9, 2007
... Mine actually dislocates. My OS said MS can cause weak hip flexors and this is the result. I am working on it in PT. ... (24 replies)
Hip pain
Jul 22, 2007
... I have terrible hip pain. Xrays show nothing. Not yet diagnosed with MS though plenty of symptoms. Is there a link between hip pain and MS? ... (12 replies)
MS help please
Sep 20, 2011
... I am currently in a cycle of severe leg and hip pain, though it is slowly winding down, the hip pain remains. I use a heating pad in the area of the most intense pain and the heat removes the pain very quickly. ... (9 replies)
Hip pain
Nov 7, 2006
... I didn't think that the hip pain could be MS related. I have for about the past 10 years had problems with my hip. I thought it was the old arthritis rearing its ugly head. ... (3 replies)
... While I have NOT been diagnosed with MS, I've been in limbo and have been dealing with symptoms including nerve pain. ... (6 replies)
Hip pain
Nov 6, 2006
... i have to keep telling it to move when i walk and that gets on my nerves it's better off to just stay home and not have to worry about that stuff,, but it is the MS that does it,, i had one neuro that argued with me and told me that MS does not cause pain or muscle problems,, so i dumped him and got a younger one who knows! ... (3 replies)
Hip pain
Jul 9, 2007
... sure it's MS. i have had hip pain in the past for months at a time that would go away on it's own and xrays and mri's showed no reason for it. ... (24 replies)
Hip pain
Jul 9, 2007
... Now THOSE symptoms sound like MS symptoms! I can now understand why you are leaning towards MS in general... ... (24 replies)
... I have pain in my right side.Originally thought it was extending from lumbar.Previous surgeries,but thats all stable.I have continuous right hip and leg pain.I now yake meds to control it.I went through PT twice.It helped some.An MRI of the lumbar and hip may give your Dr. a clearer picture. ... (3 replies)
... Cindy, i am new here and same you looking for answer5s, alot of people are looking suchs as Dr.s ect. Some i know says it sounds like i may have MS symtoms ect. I have done alot of research, and alot of it says MS is like hereditart ect. Does anyone think it can be injury induced? ... (27 replies)
... Do all of these syptoms point to MS or something else? ... (11 replies)
Hip pain
Jul 11, 2007
... I have orthopedic probs too, and had a 2 level lumbar fusion and laminectomy in 2005. At my 2 yr checkup I was still on the walker and still falling. Surgeon sent me to a neurologist who had me dx'd with MS within a couple of weeks. ... (24 replies)
... when MRI clearly showed deg. disk disease and some ? ... (5 replies)
... Sorry to hear of your joint pain. Do you know that it is MS related? ... (1 replies)
Back/hip pain
Jan 16, 2009
... My back gets stiff and my hips hurt, too. But my hip pain is related to my posture due to muscle weakness. The back could also be affected by muscle weakness on one side of the body. ... (2 replies)
Hip pain
Jul 9, 2007
... but this was a sudden onset of bad pain, but not a first in the way of some form of hip pain. Thanks again and hope you are staying cool! Too hot here in VA, eh? ... (24 replies)
... to get blood test results, and I would like to be armed with information. I've only seen him once before and he treated me like an idiot and basically told me I was depressed and since I didn't seem to have any evidence of rheumatoid arthritis, that he really couldn't help me!! ... (5 replies)

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