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Massage therapy?
Feb 3, 2007
... i can say it definitely made a huge improvement in my flexibility and joint pain management. ... (3 replies)
Could I have MS?
Jan 30, 2005
... r a pulsation or vibration. At first, I thought my cell phone was vibrating in my pocket but my cell phone wasnt in my pocket. It has since gone to my right calf and into my left leg on occassion. Also, I've been experiencing burning feet, lymph node pain in groin, under arms, and in side of neck. ... (1 replies)
... Four years ago I was having headaches so my gp sent me for a mri then to a neurologist. I had some lesions show up but my spinal tap and evoked potentials came back negative. I was supposed to follow up in 6 months but never did. ... (2 replies)

MS Symptoms?
Mar 23, 2021
... stage Lyme almost always includes joint pain or swelling and nerve tingling and then can get worse from there, including nerve pain, palsy, vision issues, voice issues, brain fog, dizziness and the list goes on. ... (8 replies)
Ms or migraine
Sep 17, 2015
... Hi esther7190, Have you had an x-ray of your knees? It's possible you have arthritis. Due to the numbness in the finger to shoulder and neck stiffness you might ask for an x-ray of your neck. It's possible you have a mechanical problem with your spine (bulging/herniated discs, degenerative disc disease (DDD), ect. It appears you have a lot of problems related to... (29 replies)
... Thanks to both of you for your advise. Jayhawk, I am currently looking into different doctors with different specialties and trying to figure out which route is best. ... (7 replies)
... Well about 4 months after my son was born the chronic leg pain started. It was horrible. The tingling needle like feelings also started. ... (13 replies)
... I found this idea interesting. I have had severe joint pain since I was a kid that always got worse when the weather changed. I really thought that I had arthritis until my doctor ruled it out before my MS diagnosis. ... (2 replies)
... Ill try to make this as short as I can. I am 10 yrs into graves, which is now stealing my vision. I have been seeing a rhemmy for about 2 years due to joint swelling and pain. I have always had this feeling in my arms and legs, like they weigh a ton and there sweelling and its so hard to use them. ... (2 replies)
... Because I have been noticing that I ache and have that tied up in knots feeling when it is going to rain...I also wanted to know if anyone has heard of hemochromatosis? ... (5 replies)
... your symptoms. Based on my review of the above list, I see many signs that indicate autoimmune condition. Many of which I was asked about by the rheumatologist and neurologist. I believe that you have cause to see a neurologist, and i believe one would be interested in examining you too! ... (19 replies)
... still in diagnostic limbo. right now its peripheral neuropathy with vision changes and some dizziness and balance issues, as well as some undiagnosed chronic joint pain and stiffness with accompanying limited range of motion. ... (6 replies)
Hello, Friends
Oct 5, 2008
... hang in there April, you can whine to us anytime i know the feelings, my right arm has been numb for months now, it has remitted in the neck, shoulder and arm, but i can still feel it inside, its not numb what my arm feels heavy and funny, however my hand, fingers and thumb are still pretty numb, i have more sensation than before, but been about 4 months now so not sure if... (5 replies)
... Vision is doing some wonky stuff. Sometimes I look at stuff and what I see shrinks and expands, its really quick and last a few seconds. Also I am getting "blinder" black fields of vision in my peripheral. Also eyes hurt and burn. Increased floaters...they are so bad.... ... (11 replies)
... I agree with the stretching. I had an MRI and I had to put both my arms over my head for a LONG time, and by the end of that test, both arms were very very sore, and hard to use, and I also went to PT to help strenghten them up. ... (4 replies)
... This is my first post but been lurking awhile so want to thank all of you for all your great help and advice. It has gotten me through the last three weeks which are kind of a blur. Basically, I've not been diagnosed with anything yet. ... (2 replies)
My joints hurt !!!
Mar 10, 2007
... my symptoms STARTED with joint pain as a teenager, and everyone tested for LYme and RA, not MS. When Lyme, RA, Lupus and the other rheumatic diseases came back negative, they sent me to therapy to figure out why i was doing it for attention. ... (8 replies)
... I never had joint or muscle pain until 3 weeks ago. ... (10 replies)
... You asked about food allergies. Since The only food allergies which I know I have, I avoid, I cant honestly tell you if they would cause any kind of MS reaction. ... (13 replies)
... Hi. No, I never said MS does not cause muscle twitcing. ... (21 replies)

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