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... MS presents differently to everyone, and to say that you have MS symptoms wouldnt be exactly true. I have only one of the symptoms that you listed, however I have over 50 lesions on my brain, shown by an MRI. ... (13 replies)
... It is possible to have a clear MRI and still have MS, however, the longer you go without lesions the less likely MS becomes. If MS is suspected MRIs are usually repeated every 6 months to a year. ... (13 replies)
... Hi msuracer, I also was told I has MS, that wa a year ago. Since then I've been told I have Lyme disease, I been treating that for a year or so. Can you share ALL your symptoms with us, MS, Lyme ETC is very hard to diagnose. Maybe we can help... Roy (25 replies)

... I am an MRI tech and not a radiologist or neurologist so I am not an expert in diagnosis or even the billing. In the brain, contrast does not help distinguish MS lesions. Usually it is pretty obvious. It is suppose to tell if the lesions are active MS or not. ... (4 replies)
... I am 50yo F and started having symptoms last year. Brain MRI came back normal. ... (3 replies)
... as me that had better than average evoked potentials. Going back to when I first started doing research on MS, I recall that the standard diagnotic criteria for MS are pretty imprecise. It more often than not boils down to ruling out other things combined with meeting a combination of criteria. ... (5 replies)
Possible MS
Jun 2, 2016
... I have now been back to the Neurologist following my cervical and Thoracic MRI. He stated everything looked normal. No tumors, disc problems or lesions. ... (20 replies)
MS fear
Jun 9, 2015
... Yes I type a lot, but I don't believe its carpal...I had some strange feelings also in thumb and index finger, and didn't have any problems before that. Believe me I would be very glad to be anxiety only, but till now I didn't have any mental problems, also didn't had any problems in my life recently..I stopped reading about MS stuff all around the internet but still I... (8 replies)
... As the other poster said, I have a MS specialist who is also well documented in the MS community and is reknowned for his clinical research and writings....but I cant stand him. ... (7 replies)
... You mentioned you had seen neurologists, but were any of them MS Specialists? ... (3 replies)
Probable MS?
May 6, 2011
... I know you have had a MRI of the Brain but have you also had a MRI of the Cervical Spinal Cord. ... (2 replies)
... As it has been some time since your last MRI, please follow your doctors advice and get a referral or an appointment for a MRI and a neurologist. While the "classic" symptoms are evident from your writing, many neurological maladies present with some similarity. ... (5 replies)
My MS Diagnosis
Jul 6, 2008
... I did the MRI of my brain and cervical spine. ... (14 replies)
... Does anyone who has MS have this? ... (7 replies)
... MRI Cervical Spine without Contrast. ... (2 replies)
Do I Have MS???
Apr 7, 2005
... My tests have been negative thus far except for a small cyst on my cervical spine, the MS specialist I saw a month ago repeated the MRI's and I'm awaiting the results. ... (10 replies)
... ve vision loss even tough I felt I did. No dropping of face. It went away by end of day. I scheduled a Dr appt with my pcp and when I was there she scheduled an MRI to rule out a brain tumor she stated she would order MRI and refer me to a neuro for review of MRI as she felt more comfortable that way. ... (9 replies)
... llow up this. it is not good to run after doctors to get a diagnosis for a chronic disease like ms, but it just means how having no answer is worse. i called the mri centre and i asked them to give me the cd for the spinal mri next week. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Medwayfarer, I am glad you finally got an appointment. I live in Canada also and was waiting for an MRI date. I got worst and so went to emerg day 1 lumbar MRI and sent home, day 2 ultrasound and sent home. Day 3 I called 911 as I was feeling worst. After many hours I saw a doc who ordered a CT scan that was negative. ... (17 replies)
... An increase is not necessarily a bad thing, it's also not a MS thing. I would talk to your GYN if you are concerned or just wanting a reason for the increase. ... (4 replies)

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