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Lot's of questions
Oct 18, 2007
... As the others said, you need to see an MS specialist, not just a regular neurologist. ... (11 replies)
Whats next?
Aug 31, 2007
... I'm saying this because it mimics MS, but one of the main symptoms is migraines and it is much easier to treat. I had white lesions on my brain MRI and they said this could cause that also. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks FLowerGirl. I will take a spin over there, and take a look for PA. As for my Neuro's wait and see approach. That was not the only reason I was feeling he is not really being aggressive. I didn't state it, but the really aggravating thing to me is that he is out of touch with how little possibility the B12 tablets have, since the disorder is one of poor or no... (19 replies)

... ezee--I understand what you are going through, I am in a similar position as many others here. I have also been to many doctors and know how different they can be. I would not discount the PA at ALL! I have been anemic for 7 mo's and the symptom list was just ((((((crazy))))))!!!! But when it did resolve those symptoms definitely went away. Now, I have other things... (19 replies)
... Hmmm, I find this interesting as I am not knowledgable at all about B12 or 6, however when the Dr told me last week about the lesions on my brain MRI and that I needed to see the Neurologist he also told me that my labs showed that I was very high in vitamin B and not to take any supplements. I am thinking about doing something while I am in this long attack while waiting for... (19 replies)
... I have been told repeatedly by my hematologist and my gastric doctor that taking B-12 supplements by mouth is a waste of time and money. It can't be absorbed easily through the stomach and intestines and therefore if you aren't getting enough through diet, then shots are essential to keep levels up and that B-12 pills or sublingual drops are not effective. I've been tested... (19 replies)
... B-12 deficiency is very common in people that have had weight loss surgery. Specifically the gastric bypass. The intestines are not able to absorb the B-12 you need. So if you have had WLS or know someone that has had it, it is routine for the rest of your life to be tested for B-12 deficiency and to take B-12 shots if needed. I have had WLS and I do take B-12 shots. ... (19 replies)
... I know all docs are different, but B12 was one of the first things they tested for me. (Mine was 451 in a range of 200 to 1100, which I thought was low considering the amount of B12 I take through supplements and get through food, but, again, I don't know anything about it). You'd like to think they would test it for anyone exhibiting neurological symptoms, but you never... (19 replies)
... This is usually a curve, isn't it? I was totally on the same tear as klc was. Think that's only natural when no one's telling you anything and you're desperate for answers! Anyway, think a lot of us have been there but we usually do come back with our feet touching the ground, often with the help of people like these good folks on the boards. The quest for a dx is... (19 replies)
... Klc, youre going to read some other posts where you might not thank me. Although I think it is AWESOME that you are reseaching so much about symtoms, etc. Im not so sure you are doing yourself any good in the long run. Youll see my answers, and I hope youll understand. I say these things because I am concerned for you and am worried about you. NOT For any other reason. Just... (19 replies)
... Absolutely! Good stuff, klc. My doctor did this in my most recent blood work. I get the feeling it's not always a given that they'll do this so it's definitely a good thing to put on the list to inquire about. :) (19 replies)
... Vitamin B12 Deficiency AnemiaFont SizeA A A Symptoms If your vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is mild, you may not have symptoms or you may not notice them. Some people may think they are just the result of growing older. Symptoms develop slowly over years, as the amount of vitamin B12 absorbed by the body decreases and the vitamin B12 stored in your body is used up. As the... (19 replies)
... MS is one of those things that have so many different symptoms it mimics other things. Some times it takes a while for them to DX it. With that being said just like every one else I would say go to your GP. ... (3 replies)
... There is an illness called Wilson's disease that is treatable, and mimics MS. It involves having high copper levels. I'm not sure how it shows in your blood work. ... (1 replies)
... hi nc girl, it mimics fibro and ms too doesnt it. I did wonder lymes but dont remember being bit specififally. How did you get diagnozed? ... (10 replies)
... regards to a dx but I'm stable. I'm adjusting and finding interests. As you can see from another post, a condition that mimics MS was ruled out. See post about Susac's Syndrome. ... (7 replies)
... Ask your dr. for an anticardiolipid test and a lupus anticoagulant. I am zeroing in on your post because you mentioned seizures. APS mimics MS if you see my other posts. I've had fainting spells and seizures as well, in addition to every one of your symptoms. APS is treatable ! PLEASE ask your dr. ... (6 replies)
... mymokan.. my husbands symptoms started the exact same way.. he was upstairs one night and started down the stairs and said my name, then said, somethings wrong, my mouth is all tingly.. then it moved to his face and down his right arm and right leg.. i automatically thought it was a stroke and ran him to the ER where they did an ekg and a ct scan and sent him home..... (12 replies)
... My husbands VEP came back abnormal and he was just diagnosed with Devic's Disease. It mimics alot of MS symptoms and is hard to diagnose. ... (4 replies)

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