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MS Symptoms?
Mar 23, 2021
... stage Lyme almost always includes joint pain or swelling and nerve tingling and then can get worse from there, including nerve pain, palsy, vision issues, voice issues, brain fog, dizziness and the list goes on. ... (8 replies)
... Hi there.I do NOT want to call you a hyperchondriac as I do not know your history with thinking you have illnesses...but let me first say, that looking up symptoms is the absolute worst thing you can do for any health issue.... ... (8 replies)
... I have always been very afraid of MS because my uncle has a particularly horrible case of it. ... (1 replies)

... r 20 mintues then they are fine. Then I will have a muscle twitch in my thigh that could last 2 hours. The shooting pains come and go all the time. The facial tingling happens every few days. The headaches come for no longer than an hour. Sometimes for only a few minutes. Then it will come back 20 minutes later. ... (6 replies)
... tingling in legs from the knees down. By the time I saw a neuro the tingling began in my arms from the elbows down. Dr. was careful not to diagnose MS but felt that was probably my problem. I have little sensation in my feet. Right after my nero appt. I went downhill so fast it scared me. ... (23 replies)
MS Symptoms?
Jul 22, 2013
... went to the regular doctor who thought pinched nerve, and within 72 hours had a MS diagnosis. That was 9 years ago,.... to this day, only my left side is affected and its never stopped. ... (4 replies)
... Based on my personal experiences, my waist tightness has never been MS related. I have had nerve pain in my lower back down through my left leg which was MS related, but never a hug. ... (25 replies)
... If you are in Pittsburgh, you aren't that far away from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Pittsburgh has a great health care scene, but CC cannot be beat. There they have the Mellen (sp?) Center for MS - real experts on diagnosis and treatment. You owe it to yourself to get a second (or 55th!) opinion from them. Also, please do not despair. We are here for you. Please... (3 replies)
... Hello, I have had a wide variety of MS symptoms for over 3 years. Severe vision disturbances, tingling in neck, severely tight neck muscles and spasms, constant off balance feeling, cognitive problems and speech problems. ... (3 replies)
... weeks I became an avid reader of these forums and many others, as I worked myself up into a right lather regarding MS like symptoms. This post is for those who believe they may have MS, went symptom surfing, and are now utterly freaked out. ... (6 replies)
... I am curious what you have found out about your symptoms now that you've had a chance to get MRI's, spinal tap, and maybe see an MS specialist. ... (6 replies)
... I went from scared of going deaf to going blind now to MS.. Which being scared of going blind brought that on. Because when I googled reasons people go blind MS popped up... I noticed tingling was a symptom too. my face around my ears have been tingling for over a year so I got freaked out right away.. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you for your reply, yes as you can read above I have had MS for a while now. The tingling is definately associated with the heat and often I am throwing my feet in an out of the bed to try to cool down. ... (6 replies)
... From what you are telling us, you have so much more going on, and actually the tingling and things you describe arent really MS related tingling. ... (6 replies)
... Devic's, but have been referred for a rush MRI by my GP based on my symptoms and the fact that my mom had Devic's Disease. ... (6 replies)
... I'm playing the waiting game and going more than a little stir crazy. About 5 years ago I started having tingling sensations in just my L foot. Over the years the tingling has gotten worse. ... (28 replies)
... For those of you worried about MS, I found out I dont have MS even though I had all the symptoms except visions problems. ... (1 replies)
Worried I have MS
Apr 12, 2011
... January, I started to redevelop the issues with my back, mainly mild tingling in certain areas, usually first thing in the morning. ... (34 replies)
... on this board and because of that post, I was able to get a diagnosis. I have Chiari Malformation which is a brain abnormality, affecting the nervous symptom. My symptoms were so like MS that at the beginning, my Dr's were sure I had it. But test after test came back normal and I was left feeling so frustrated. ... (17 replies)
... Hello, this is my first post here and this will probably be a bit lengthy, as I've been having a wide array of symptoms off and on for about 12 years now. I am absolutely terrified I may have MS and hope that someone takes the time to read this and perhaps ease some of my fears. ... (6 replies)

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