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Hot Hands
Nov 25, 2007
... My hands are always hot and warm to the touch. Sometimes they feel like their on fire and they get a "mottled" or speckled appearence to them. ... (7 replies)
Hot Hands
Nov 29, 2007
... Like Nikki my hands are always freezing and my feet too! My husband always accuses me of putting the freeze on him. ... (7 replies)
... and it worked. During the winter months I keep a pair of insulated gloves to wear because the temperatures can also affect my MS and the hands are always first, for me. ... (3 replies)

... In November I had scapular pain, neck pain and severe right arm pain that responded well with high doses of prednisone. I also had the numbness and tingling to my fingers and for a short time, in my right toes. ... (3 replies)
... i wear layers .. and i go under 2 blankets. and still feel cold. during the day, sometimes but my hands are always freezing and feel painful. I tell you something if you haven't tried. at night, i make teapot of ginger tea and honey. it makes me warmer before sleep. ... (11 replies)
... Joint Cracking! Every joint makes noise but doesn't hurt. I make so much noise just moving my wrists, does this mean anything? ... (9 replies)
I am not at peace
Feb 25, 2008
... spine MRI in just a few hours. I'm more nervous for this one than my brain MRI. Apparently, it's a longer period in the machine. Since my LP was negative and the doctor "thinks" the lesions on my brain are from migraines, I have a feeling this could be it. ... (7 replies)
New & Terrified
Sep 24, 2012
... What you are feeling is totally normal even for RRMS. ... (8 replies)
... always on the left side behind my eye, triggers are allergies and my period. Suffer from GAD. silly triggers, kids fighting too much, husband driving next to tractor trailers. ... (4 replies)
Apr 7, 2012
... awk, I can't imagine not telling someone they had cancer, when a lot of times, with the right treatment, it can go into complete remission. I'm glad that things are changing there and that people are now wanting to know. Bad news will only become worse news the longer the telling is delayed, I think. ... (13 replies)
... and PT was recommended. After my first PT session, during which I did only enough back strengthening exercises to prove to the therapist that I could do them on my own at home, my back seized up and wouldn't unclench for several hours. I finally had to take a muscle relaxer. ... (15 replies)
Hot Hands
Nov 26, 2007
... Actually GaGirl, I have the opposite thing happening. My hands and feet are always white and COLD to the touch, even though Im the only one who thinks they are cold. My husband will tell me they are warm, when they are freeezing to me, but he'll admit that they look kind of pale or pasty! Go figure. ... (7 replies)
... About the age of 16 years old I had a case of what I'm guess is Optic Neuritis.. My eyes hurt and it hurt to move them side to side. ... (4 replies)
Jun 26, 2006
... I have also been having burning pain the back of both thighs and the side of my calves. My arms and legs feel heavy at times and I've had a few occassions of walking and stumbling a bit over my left foot. ... (11 replies)
... I read your responses to both Jayhawk and myself. Obviously, you know more than you are giving yourself credit for...and yes, extreme fatigue does cycle. You can be fatigued with MS all the time, but it only really hits hard "some" of the time. ... (16 replies)
Painful hands
May 26, 2006
... i don't work anymore,,, my husband does, he is a welder and is forman for his shift,,so we get the health insurance thru his work,, i can not get disablility or anything because he makes too much money for the one kind, and i did not work long enough for the other kind i was 6 months shy of that,,, so we are payday to payday kind of ppl, when i did work,, i worked under the... (3 replies)
... Hi! I'm a 21 year old female and I really need advice so PLEASE bear with my details and help! ... (2 replies)
... pins, needles in rms hands fingers that led to severe weakness on lft side both arm and leg.shooting radiating pain down both arms worse on lft. ... (11 replies)
... NSTAED OF BETTER THEN CAME HEAT, PAIN AND NUMBNESS IN LEFT SIDE OF HEAD FACE CHEECK, SHOULDERS AND ARMS .with buring in all kinds of places. pins, needles in rms hands fingers that led to severe weakness on lft side both arm and leg. ... (4 replies)

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