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Is it finally MS?
Mar 19, 2016
... which includes the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The damage MS does can show up anywhere within the CNS. ... (12 replies)
... When to see neurologist today with new MRI and MRI of 2 years ago. Felt there wasn't anything to be concerned about on the MRI of brain. Am scheduled to have an MRI of neck to check out neck and see if any deposits in neck area and also spinal tap. How is the spinal tap. ... (2 replies)
... My current neuro said that BVL is an unusual and uncommon symptom of MS but he does attribute the loss of my vestibular system to have been the first nerve to be affected. Funny I'm not so lucky with the lottery huh? ... (44 replies)

... So my GP sent me to an orthopaedic surgeon. He did an MRI of my neck and found minimal degeneration and minimal narrowing of the nerve canal. He sent me to a pain doctor. She did injections. ... (6 replies)
... Okay, it took two months to finalize my tests and throughout my neuro was gently preparing me for the MS verdict, gave me info on the interferon's to understand when I went to my appt. ... (2 replies)
... I have an appointment with a MS Specialist in Dec. My Reg. doctor suspects MS but wants the specialist to do all the tests. ... (2 replies)
MS questions
Dec 21, 2016
... ater in my right eye. This last for several weeks and goes away. Each time I was told it appeared to be a visual migraine. I have a brother that has progressive MS and was diagnosed about 10 years ago at 48. ... (3 replies)
... I also had a lot of white matter on my brain mri, they said maybe MS, then I not sure,,,,then they all said they didn't think so. After a year and half or so they said I have Lyme disase. (6 replies)
... why would you even go through with a neck MRI with this doctor who obviously doesn't know MS, if what you really want is to rule out MS? ... (13 replies)
Is this MS?
Oct 15, 2012
... Iritis. It's severe inflammation of the eye which can be linked to many autoimmune diseases. One set of info I read suggested MRI to look for MS. ... (6 replies)
Ms or migraine
Sep 17, 2015
... MS can be detected by a MRI but not Arthritis. What if anything did your neck MRI show? ... (29 replies)
... well that may be true. The hospital that did the first mri said there were spots in the white matter and a large enhancing spot consitent with mild ms. The neck mri was clean. the spinal tap was clear except for 1 marker and the new mri showed all the same spots from the first and a new one on the other side. ... (6 replies)
... years ago I had brain MRI that showed I had extensive MS type demylianation across the top lobes of my brain. ... (7 replies)
... And is it a firm dx of MS with a spainal tap? ... (1 replies)
... The reason that they do an MRI of the neck in MS patients or suspected MS patients is because they want to see if you have any lesions in your spine. It can certainly start there. ... (2 replies)
... I so frustrated and tired of this.. I am still strong and am not caving in with the MS diagnosis but the problem is the doc is certain it is MS given my symptoms but the MRIs don't show it .. and nore does the spinal tap.. second spinal tap scheduled next week.. ... (10 replies)
... ve vision loss even tough I felt I did. No dropping of face. It went away by end of day. I scheduled a Dr appt with my pcp and when I was there she scheduled an MRI to rule out a brain tumor she stated she would order MRI and refer me to a neuro for review of MRI as she felt more comfortable that way. ... (9 replies)
Second MRI, MS?
Nov 7, 2005
... I had my second MRI on the 21st. of Oct. Last one was Nov. 2004. The neuro. said there is no change. He compared last years MRI to this one. I had several spots the last time, no new ones. Still don't know what the spots are from, maybe MS? ... (1 replies)
Clear MRI :)
Aug 7, 2013
... who received a diagnosis of MS with clear MRIs. ... (6 replies)
... I had the brain MRI, with contrast and then when I had lesions, it was followed by the neck MRI, which did not show lesions. ... (9 replies)

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