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... chicken is also avoided. After one year of no beef, you can have 3 oz. of beef each week. ... (24 replies)
... no pork part of the first year of the SWANK diet. ... (24 replies)
... yes, I know that fish and chicken, etc. are allowed. but if I'm going to be avoiding beef and pork, I might as well just go ahead and get rid of all the flesh at the same time, since that was a goal of mine anyway. ... (24 replies)

... and not over processed, I think you are ok. We get our own pork off the farm and have it trimmed to order. That way I know I am getting the leanest portion. My service dog gets to enjoy the fatty portions and the femurs. ... (24 replies)
... I'm not sure if it's 'alright', but I buy those low fat or 0 fat deli meats and eat them. Chicken and turkey, mmm. I think the no no is that they can contain dark meat chicken and turkey, and that's listed as to be avoided in the diet. ... (24 replies)
... I haven't studied this diet in years, but as I recall, the saturated fat makes them no shows. ... (24 replies)
... Sushi rice is not a sticky rice. The rice is prepared (slightly overcooked) and vinegar is added to make it sticky. Real sticky rice is a variety grown in SE Asia. PS: I LOooooove sushi!:D:D:D:D:D:D (24 replies)
... I'd love to know the answer to this as well. It's not going to change my eating turkey and chicken cold cuts that are 0 fat however. I don't even eat meat every day. A lot of the things I cook don't involve meat what so ever. (24 replies)
... I thought of that, but, here again, if the package says 0 fat, does it matter? Or is that 0 fat before cooking, and you don't know what you're getting if the turkey (or chicken) is cooked with the skin on? (24 replies)
... Re: white rice, think of white carbohydrates in general converting to sugar in the body and swiftly -- these things are high on the glycemic index (and associated with inflammation.) Gluten is a whole 'nother aspect but there are some people with gluten sensitivites who do okay with spelt and sprouted wheat bread (like Ezekiel). Even though these things do have gluten,... (24 replies)
... When considering deli meat, not only is it if there is a mixture of white and dark meat, it maybe that it's cooked/roasted with the skin. Fat from the skin drains into the meat when cooking. I follow the swank diet. It has always been one of my questions, Is deli meat ok? I've decided to eat it as long as it is chicken/turkey BREAST. Also, I eat fat free cheeses (if... (24 replies)
... The inflammation angle is another interesting one to me. In the past I have done the elimination diet to determine if I had any specific food sensitivities. I did find out that apples and wheat were not so great, and that although rice was good, sticky rice (sushi type) was NOT so good. I need to look at the inflammation angle some more. As much of a hassle as it is to get... (24 replies)
... Another good suggestion :) (24 replies)
... For those who are lactose intolerant, goat's milk can often meet the requirement. Goat's milk is naturally homogenized. (24 replies)
... I just checked and affirmative, Coromega still offers free samples (US only). (24 replies)
... LOL. By the time I started the post below and hit "submit reply" (interrupted by a phone call) there were 3 other posts. I think MSJayhawk might be right about the lunch meat concern specifically re: Swank. Melanie, welcome! It's really a learning curve and I think it's great that you're seeking to understand the "whys" of different recommendations. Sometimes it's one... (24 replies)
... Re: lunch meats, they are often highly processed. While I don't follow any set diet I wind up implementing a lot of principles from Swank, MS Recovery and Best Bet by some degree of default. I try to eat on the healthy side and although I am not amazingly strict I am a "conscious" eater. I try to limit saturated fats, highly processed and refined foods, gluten and foods... (24 replies)
... Thanks again everyone. up fish would really be hard on me. Born and raised in New Orleans, seafood is a deep, deep comfort food to me. Considering that the fish oil pills give me nauseating "fish burps", I am thinking that if I decide to follow Swank or Best Bet, and decide to just get rid of meat, I will exclude fish from that decision as going without it (in... (24 replies)
... For what it's worth, I was wondering the same thing. The emphasis of Swank's diet is on limiting saturated fat, so as long as you figure the red meat into this, I don't understand the difference. The other question I had is about lunch meat. In the book, it says to avoid deli lunch meats, including turkey. But I found some at the store that had 0 fat (sat or unsat)... (24 replies)
... Hello again Melanie. :) You can go vegetarian and be very healthy in doing so. Keep in mind that there will be several vitamins you'll be short on/missing in what meats are allowed within the Swank diet. For those, you may have to integrate other types of foods or supplements into your diet. If you continue to allow egg products, I have found that eating only the egg... (24 replies)

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