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... My mri findings, what do you think? ... (1 replies)
... ok so I finally went for the MRI and they found two small deep Demylinations which the report states cannot rule out MS which shocked me.... ... (4 replies)
... The above are 'possible' causes for the findings on your MRI. It is up to your Dr. to determine what the findings mean for you based on your medical history, testing and exams. ... (2 replies)

MRI results
Aug 9, 2012
... Without looking at the MRI pictures one can't tell much about your findings. The report is merely a hint for the neurologist where to look. He has to decide if findings are typical for a certain disease. ... (7 replies)
... Below is my MRI report for you to read. I have no idea what is says, but I do have Migraines as it says. Happy reading. ... (9 replies)
... I am new to this board so please bear with me. I have a lot of MS symptoms I went to my Doctors last week with this really bad headache's so she sent me for an MRI to evaluate for MS.. I will put in hear the findings the MRI said. Can someone please help me understand if you can. ... (1 replies)
... f stress at work. I cover a region and was short handed with staff, so I had to do my duties as well as front end for a little over a month. Upper management was on me not to mention duties of a mom, wife, sister, daughter etc... On top of that Our family went thru a loss and split a once close family into two... ... (9 replies)
... But I finally requested that a direct comparison be made as when I examined my 2 copies of MRI scans I could most distinctly see more lesions on the left side of my brain than were there in 2007. I am a 59 year old female. ... (11 replies)
... guarantee with all you are going through, its quite possible that your symtoms are being caused by high stress levels. That being said, there is something wrong on your MRI. Could it be MS? ... (9 replies)
... What does my MRI results mean? ... (3 replies)
Brain MRI
Feb 7, 2012
... not to worry , I just had to comfort my best friend because she got a MS diagnosis about 1:00 today, she also has spinal issues and for years the doctors blamed everything on her spinal issues , her husband had to get a part time job so that he could pay for her tests, I hope you don't have it, only your tests and doctors will be able to determine that, lots of luck to you (6 replies)
... d greatly appreciate any opinions. I started seeing a neurologist about 7 months ago because I have had extreme pain and weakness in my lower extremities off and on for years. My symptoms usually wax and wane. However, for the past year almost I have had a constant flare up of symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... I have dealt with all of the symptoms of MS for over 20 years but no doctor ever sent me to a Neurologist or for a MRI Scan. The doctors would only tell me it was a mystery to them or they did not believe me ... ... (23 replies)
MRI results
Jun 30, 2005
... There is partial empty sella. Findings are not of clinical significance in the vast majority of patients. The pineal region and sinuses appear satisfactory. No gross orbit abnormality is identified. ... (1 replies)
... I recently had an MRI due to numbness, tingling, weakness in arms and legs, muscle spasms, dizziness, and extreme fatigue. ... (2 replies)
... I have been having dizziness, nystagmus, tinnitus, when I move my head or sometimes moving my eyes will bring on an "electrical" current type of noise in the back of my head. Sometimes just getting out of bed will bring it on. ... (4 replies)
... Any ideas what is going on? I have heat intolerance, tremors, weakness, past numbness, easy bruising, fatigue, digestive issues, balance problems, vertigo, 1 fall recently, light flashes, headaches, poor memory, weight gain, depression, anxiety. I have not been diagnosed with MS, as far as I know.... ========================= MRI- Result: History: Multiple... (13 replies)
... I am 43 y.o female. I had a neck and brain MRI earlier this week and have the results. I do not take any medications other than Ambien to sleep. ... (4 replies)
... Here is what the last MRI says...If anyone could please help and tell me what this all means in english terms that i will understand. ... (1 replies)
MRI Findings
Mar 14, 2016
... wait for some conclusion on what it is I have. ... (6 replies)

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