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... I've had a headache since January 25th. of this year. I can't shake it. The doctors can't get rid of it. ... (20 replies)
... what is causing the pain. Her flip answer is always, well that is your brain. Gee thanks, you think she'd be a little more caring, but not. bella67 does your numbness come and go? ... (20 replies)
... It all started early this year when I was running on a treadmill and started to get numbness and tingling in the left side of my body, numbness in my leg, arm, face and tongue. Very concerned I stopped exercising because these sensations would come back. I was checked out by my doctor and they ruled out any heart problems. ... (8 replies)

... I have had the EXACT same thing as you! It all started with the numbness on the top of my head, and then tingling on areas of my scalp and face all of the time. ... (20 replies)
... round the eyes, thought it was sinuses so went to doctor. He says possible migraine gives me imitrex. Later that day it got so bad my whole head was pounding and face went numb. Made it to the ER they did CT scan and found nothing, gave me pain meds and sent me on home. ... (4 replies)
Waiting for dx
Nov 16, 2005
... In the past 18 months I have had numbness, tingling along different areas of the right trigeminal nerve on pretty much a daily basis. ... (5 replies)
... Stabbing pain, tingling and numbness in the genitals. ... (0 replies)
... Stabbing pain, tingling and numbness in the genitals. ... (0 replies)
... back and was made worse by taking a deep breath of air. The pain in my leg had become a dull aching pain and spread into my left hip by Sunday morning along with numbness and tingling into my toes. I decided it was time to see a doctor, so I went into urgent care. ... (4 replies)
... and numbness here and there on my body now. Sometimes arms and legs feel on fire. Like blood boiling inside. Intense chills for last 3 days but not today. No fever. ... (11 replies)
Is this MS?
May 26, 2007
... minutes on the left side and down each side of my face and then it goes away and starts the cycle again. Then at the beginning of April the muscles in my legs tightened up and I can hardly walk. ... (9 replies)
... was probably stress on the body due to the delivery. That was 3 years ago and I still have these episodes. After that I started with pain in my arms and legs, numbness and fatigue. I was diagnosed with Fibromyaligia. ... (2 replies)
My face!
Sep 1, 2011
... past two weeks. Getting worse daily with numbness, tingling, etc. So today, my lips and cheek felt like I had been to the dentist and then the left side of my face went slack for a couple of hours. It looked like I had a stroke. Very bad. I took pictures to show neurologist. ... (8 replies)
... Also, I had mentioned before I almost always have the numbness and tingling of my face and scalp which is currently in full swing. I also have periods of that warm water sensation on my buttocks and lower legs. ... (60 replies)
... n for 13 years, and eaten very, very little dairy products for the past 3 years, without a large dose of vitamin B12 supplement. But she said if it was that, the tingling would be constant. ... (17 replies)
... not really pins and needles, just numb. I also have a strange numbness sometimes in my pelvic region, kind of in the crease where my legs meet my body and extending downward sometimes to my lady parts. ... (15 replies)
... I'm just determined to face this and learn what I can. ... (0 replies)
... and complete numbness in my right arm. The numbness traveled from my right arm to face and then lips. I also felt tingling in my toes and when I went to sleep the left arm felt asleep but i was fine. ... (3 replies)
... weakness in leg and foot along with novacaine numbness has progressed severly to the present time. ... (11 replies)
... Numbness is a strange thing. There is something called Neuropathy, which is inflamation of the nerves and presents in a numbing, tingling way, which is most annoying. Kind of like when your foot falls asleep, and you stamp on it, and get the blood going to wake it up.... ... (10 replies)

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