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... Thanks, it is nice knowing I'm not alone.... my numbness jumps around from all the places I mentioned.... I also have numbness that jumps around my entire body but I was a little worried about the facial numbness... sometimes if my lips are numb... ... (18 replies)
... in right side of my face, lips and tongue. No weakness only numbness like Novocain injection. ... (7 replies)
... I'm having a whole host of neuropathic problems in my legs, right arm, and face. Been like this over 2 years now. Well, I didn't notice as much numbness or tingling when I was Topamax for migraines. But since getting off the med in February I've noticed my episodes of numbness and tingling have increased. ... (18 replies)

... family visitors back from holiday in Scotland come over for dinner. ... (5 replies)
... symptoms that I do... the numbness in the eyes... that is exactly how I explained to my doctor and my vision get alot more blurry than usual when they are numb.... ... (18 replies)
... yes, i have had some numbness in the lips and tongue before and the chin. ... (18 replies)
... ABSOLUTELY! on the facial numbness. My lips were numb on and off for about 3 weeks then it crept up my face to my forehead and major pain in my ears one afternoon. It was really scary! ... (18 replies)
... Scandinavian or Northern European descent, and a history of autoimmune endocrine disorders. ... (18 replies)
... Hello. This is really difficult for me to try and explain. Maybe a month or two ago now, I remember taking off my coat and as I tensed my back, there was pain in my upper spine. ... (6 replies)
... for about 5seconds. A couple months later had tingling in my arms and face. ... (5 replies)
... thanks for the reply, this has happened to me over the course of 3 or so years. it comes and goes. about 6 mos ago my left side of my face and lips were tingling for like 3 days, then my left foot. ... (18 replies)
... tingling in legs from the knees down. By the time I saw a neuro the tingling began in my arms from the elbows down. Dr. was careful not to diagnose MS but felt that was probably my problem. I have little sensation in my feet. ... (23 replies)
... warm water over it making a hot pack, place the pack on the side of your face that has the popping, like over near your jaw and ear in that area and hold it there for a few minutes, he says it is stress that causes us to pop and grind, I tried this and it worked for a few weeks. ... (7 replies)
... In early December I had both arms fall asleep during the night as well as very sore muscles in my upper arms. One bout of fatigue wear my arms were so tired I had to sit down and rest them. ... (4 replies)
First symptoms
Aug 23, 2003
... tingling not in my tongue but the right side of my face and lips.. ... (2 replies)
... Teacher2be, I have done the same thing. I wanted to know the difference between pain in fibro versus MS since I have both. ... (5 replies)
What now?
Jan 2, 2012
... The EMG and NCV tesy are usually done together. ... (10 replies)
... I'm really sorry but this may be a very lengthy description!! I would be so grateful if anyone has time to read the details, though, as I am so worried. I live in England, I'm 29, and have been having some very odd symptoms, mainly episodes of numbness, tinging, heat patches, and recently, muscle and finger twitching. ... (17 replies)
... I swear there is a little man in there trying to push my eyeball out! ... (2 replies)
... no sensation down right of my face gradually working down over days all the way down my face and neck. This recovered over a few weeks. I was then well for 18 months. My second relapse was Optic Neuritis in the left eye. ... (2 replies)

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