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... I am in the midst of my first relapse while being on Rebif. My lower left leg is numb and my foot feels like its in a freezer! ... (6 replies)
... t I'm paying for it now. When all was finally said and done and I tryed to get back to my regular life at home, I started realizing that my feet were getting so cold I could not keep them warm at all!! ... (4 replies)
... freezing. But, after they freeze and you put heat on them, they actually sweat and thats bad. You might just want to double, triple your socks and peel them off one pair at a time until you feel warm enough to wear one pair. Also, cotton. Stick with cotton closest to your skin so it can breathe! ... (6 replies)

... And, as for the walk...the way it appears, thats normal. Your favoring one leg, the bad one is weaker, all kinds of things are going to appear weird until you build it back up some...PT will definately help. ... (6 replies)
... Body just feels tired, legs weak, my doc said my walk looked funny to her because it looked like my other leg was the one in pain. When I walked my left knee on the sides would give way and I guess it made me look my other leg was in pain? ... (6 replies)
... Nikki Thank you for the input!! :) I didn't even think about the heating pad bringing on more, it just feeels good on the knee, but yet it doesn't do anything! I start the steroids tomorrow, and I have been on before in December for a bout of Optic Neuritis. Don't know if it the same steroid or not, but I did it for five days in December. It did leave a bad taste in the... (6 replies)
... None seemed to related to the others. I typed in the one that has really been most debillitating. "Heat intolerance." Then, the one that has damaged my body the most, "clumsy", then, the newest concern, "tremors." Fatigue would have been the fourth one to add. ... (11 replies)
... LOL, not sure that would fly with the men in blue, lol! It doesn t hurt, it is just annoying as it happens while in bed and trying to relax. (9 replies)
... Hi Whimpurr, It doesnt happen to me but im willling to bet this is from a nerve which is being aggravated probably by a MS lesion. Have you tried anything to stop it, such as heat or cold, or flexing your foot or stretching your leg/ foot? If its "one of those MS things" you may never have an explanation.. I would mention it to your doctor at some point- but I wouldnt... (9 replies)
... day, even in my sleep, I was dizzy and had these weird muscle twitches when the dizziness seemed most intense. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong at all. Then one day, it just stopped. ... (6 replies)
MS and cold
Oct 29, 2017
... Hello everyone Last two days I have a cold just runny nose and dry cough I donít think I have a fever may be very low. However I cannot function my right leg (the weak one) is not moving, very hard to stand up and when I succeed I am walking with a cane and dragging the right foot, hardly can make it to bathroom. Most of the day I am lying in bed or on the sofa, I took... (5 replies)
6 years later...
Dec 2, 2010
... Well, not much to say just feel like talking about it... 6 years ago had Optic Neuritis, all the standard symptoms, "blind" in left eye, pain, light flashes when moving eye around... - had an MRI and MRi, brain was normal (no lesions at all) and eye confirmed ON. Pretty much got totally better w/in a month or two with no treatment - just a bit of a squiggle / zig zag left... (20 replies)
... I woke up one morning with this awful pain behind my right eye that was terrible. ... (1 replies)
... e same numbness and tingling again but this time it has not went away. The tip of my index finger like you on the right side is completely numb. I can sense hot, cold and pressure. Numbness and pins in my feet and lower legs. Went to Neuro yesterday and completely failed the neuro test. ... (11 replies)
... I'm not sure about my Magnesium or Calcium levels. As far as my diabetes, I am trying very hard to keep my numbers under control. I take just one pill each morning which so far has kept my A1c at a decent level ... though a bit lower would be even better. ... (11 replies)
... cold sensations, the feeling like I had a horrible bruise in my right armpit and really bad itching there but no rash and the inability to raise one foot off the ground. ... (9 replies)
... Have you been dxed with MS yet? I have been dxed with MS for 30yrs now. Back when I was being dxed there was no MRI, just a bunch of test that took forever. It took me 2yrs to get my dxes of MS. Once I had it , I read everything I can get my hands on, on MS. I still do it. I do not jump at every drug that is new for MS. I had a bad experience with Avonex, took it for a year... (3 replies)
... :confused: Had mri on spine today due to problems which started 18 mths ago. Extremely tired/exhausted like someone removes my muscles whilst asleep Sleep changed blured vision one eye/floaters all the time/double vision objects look like there moving Shivers/goosepimples no matter how hot go down body like waves A noise in ears funny i know but i turn it on then off lol... (3 replies)
... Buddy123M, For me, I found that there are symptoms which I no longer perceive if they are slight. Droopy face (loss of sensation in my face which affects facial movements) is something i did not realize until my doctor told me. She always looked at my 'smile' in order to see any outward symptoms. Unless I have a strong attack, I rarely perceive it. I get the tingles... (13 replies)
... However for the past 2 years i have had cold and numb toes at times and sore feet. ... (2 replies)

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