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... Is there a difference between an optometrist and opthamalogist? I went to a regular optometrist and he told me that nothing is wrong with my eyes. I have bad floaters all the time. I have pain in and around my eye. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night, I wear contacts so they are not in and my eyesight is really bad, but walking around in my house in the dark it's... (10 replies)
Apr 21, 2006
... Hi all, I posted previously on the Eye & Vision board but thought I may get more help here. In Oct. 2004 over the course of 3 days I started having vision problems. To make a long story short after several visits to the opthamalogist they dx'd chronic dry eye and I was treated for that over the next 6 months (very expensive). After getting no results I finally started... (3 replies)
... The home health nurse was telling me that many people get a diagnosis of ms by their opthamalogist because optic neuritis is a common sign of ms. When I first started having vision issues 3 different opthamalogists told me that my optic nerves were enlarged. ... (17 replies)

... My son has been told he may have MS. Age 32. He recently had a episode where he lost vision in one eye. He still does not have full recovery and has been 4 weeks now. Was given the diagnosis of optic neurosis. At his initial dr visit he had blood work and an MRI. Opthamalogist. These records were sent to the neurologist. He has just visited the neurologist where she wants... (3 replies)
... And My MRI shows no changes since 2008. My eye exams look good ( aside from vision tests ). Today is day 5 of Solu-Medrol. No change. Seeing a neuro- opthamalogist on Friday. I have had MS for ten years, and this is my third bout of ON. I have never lost full sight before. Looking here to see if others have had similar experiences? I have been doing well for 7 years.... (10 replies)
... I waited it out 11 days before calling the Dr. and they want me to see an opthamalogist to see what's going on. I down played it saying well if it was ON it would go away on it's own. Surprisingly they are wanting it checked out. Ty MS and Jay. ... (4 replies)
... I just got my second evaluation from a 2nd neuro and both have come to the same conclusion. my brain mri, cspine mri, and thorasic are all very normal. opthamalogist also said my optic nerve is healthy in both eyes. ... (10 replies)
... Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to reply. what an amazing group of people you all are. I take great comfort in your kind words, positive thoughts, and knowledge about MS. A few thoughts... yes, i did see an opthamalogist (sp?)--not an optometrist. I completely am aware that the fact that he did not see any inflammation is NOT conclusive but it... (8 replies)
... I have one eye that has gone permanently blurry (it's actually like double vision), and one eye that goes blurry occasionally and then my eyes hurt. I went to the opthamalogist, who did an extremely throrough exam, said I had an afferant pupil, and sent me on for a brain and orbit MRI with contrast. That came back saying I had white spots, and suggested several possibilities,... (2 replies)
Sep 20, 2007
... Thank you slskckjebw! I see her next Thursday. I need her to give me an answer if possible. My Neurologist for some reason doesn't think it is MS, but the Rheumatologist, Opthamalogist, and my doctor all think it is. It is sort of confusing... I had a Spinal Tap -- opening pressure was 25 cm. I had a VER test -- they said it was normal, but I don't know how it could be... (18 replies)
... rosequartz, Thanks for that information. I did not know that and that really makes a difference. Michelle (10 replies)
... One other thing to consider. My insurance covers an opthamologist because they are a medical doctor, even though I don't have vision coverage. If I went to an optometrist, it wouldn't be covered. (10 replies)
... MSNik, Thanks for your reply and no I don't mind if anyone jumps in. I could use all the information that I can get. What kind of machines do they have and what exactly do they do? Just curious. Sounds like you have a lot of papework from keeping all your test results. You are absolutely right though, it is the best thing to do. It's ashame but you almost have... (10 replies)
... silly Michelle, hope you dont mind me jumping in...but thats what we are HERE for! No question is stupid...and YES, you should ask about anything that comes up..someone here, will have experienced the same thing, or have a direction to point you in. I personally have a great opthamologist, however, after me complaining for almost a year about the pain he couldnt find- he... (10 replies)
... Bearygood, Thanks!! I don't mean to sound dumb but you don't know the answer until you ask the question. You know I get more information from you guys than the doctors. Thanks again. Michellle (10 replies)
... Michelle, an ophthalmologist will be just fine. They'll only send you to a neuro-ophthalmologist if further testing is required. :) (10 replies)
... Well, to be fair, they could tell you if you had a pink eye or something. :) (10 replies)
... Bearygood, Thank you for your response. Do you have to be referred to a neuro-opth or can you just make an appointment? Are they listed in the phone book as a neuro-opth? Have never even head of one. Thanks again. Michelle (10 replies)
... YES an opthamologist is a REAL doctor, not some guy selling glasses out of a store front (10 replies)
... Yup, an optometrist is not an MD. Depending on the aptitude of the doctor, they might be capable of identifying and treating certain types of visual disorders but if I were you, I'd definitely head to an ophthalmologist. (And a neuro-ophthalmologist is trained in both ophthalmology and neurology, which is why in cases involving the nerve, even an opth may well send you to a... (10 replies)

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