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Alcohol and MS
Jan 6, 2006
... I had one bad exp with to much alcohol in 94. After a night out with lots of drinking I awoke the next morning with VERY blurred vision in my right eye that proccede to get worse over the next 24 hours. Went to the opthamologist and dx with optic neuritis and 80% vision loss in the eye. Neuro ordered steroids but it was very frightening and also lost use of my right... (8 replies)
... would it mattter if you werent seen by a MS specialist urgently? ... (9 replies)
... opthamologist rather than a regular Opthamologist for MS. That question came up inside another post and I didnt want to hijack it, so I thought Id start another thread and let everyone contribute their thoughts. ... (12 replies)

... I had to look this up but my eye doctor is an optometrists. Actually, this has been pretty slow. I started ON in May. Saw my eye doctor and he said it was probably ON caused by a virus because I had a bit of a temp, very tired, and not feeling normal. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Cindy and Bearygood. ... (29 replies)
... Hi there and welcome to health boards! ... (15 replies)
... Hi L. For someone who is confused and frustrated, you are making perfect sense! As a vetern of ON 4 times to date, I can honestly tell you it can be moderate or severe. ... (3 replies)
... what you describe could be optical neuritis, which is inflammation of the optic nerve. It causes both color blindness and peripheral problems. It can be found very easily by a good opthamologist and a field vision test. ... (11 replies)
... Apriella. sorry to hear you are in distress. Its hard to answer your question because there really isnt such a thing as early MS...its either MS or it isnt. ... (4 replies)
Probable MS...?
Sep 22, 2007
... Its a situation where bending the neck or leaning forward can send those shock waves thru your neck, brain and eyes... its VERY common to MS patients, it comes and goes...does no real damage, but hurts like the dickens and is quite discomforting altogether. I get it now and then.... ... (36 replies)
... Hi there. I read your post, and I can understand how afraid you are. Being that I do not know about pars planitis, I had to look it up. ... (5 replies)
... It does sound like the doctor was referring to Optic Neuritis but, I'm not positive. Was it possibly an Opthamologist and not an Optometrist. An Opthamologist is a MD, an Optometrist is not. ... (8 replies)
... I recently had to go to the hospital to see an opthamologist regarding an eye condition that my skin specialist thought I might have relating to my acne rosacea. ... (1 replies)
... ophthalmologist is a neurologist who specializes in conditions of the eye. They have degress in both neurology and ophthalmology. That said, you may have to do a little research. ... (12 replies)
... ses". Actually, there really isnt. Other than that they are both autoimmune in nature, thats about where it ends. One does not have anything to do with the other and neither is a precursor to the other....worry not! ... (5 replies)
... thus causing you to have sensitivity to touch. Its not unusual for this to be a MS symtom. The eye thing, could be the beginning of an attack or Optical Neuritis, also caused by inflammation of the optic nerve. ... (1 replies)
... She recommended I see an opthamologist and ms specialist next. ... (3 replies)
Alcohol and MS
Apr 18, 2016
... ve zero tolerance anymore for alcohol. Never a big drinker, now one beer has me acting like I drank 3! My doctor does think that alcohol tolerance is affected by MS as most of his patients tell him the same thing.. ... (5 replies)
... both laughed at me and told me that this was done with very few patients and is in no way accurate. ... (4 replies)
... the numbness because at the same time I had the face numbness I also had arm numbness so asked the Neuro for theses tests. Thats when I found out I had Neck,Back and wrist radiculopathies. ... (20 replies)

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