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... Ok, this is why I was confused. Because I was thinking that if the left frontal lobe was indeed ON the left side of my body that it would actually control the right side of my body. Therefore, it did not make logical sense that my left sided weakness would be a direct result of a lesion on my left frontal lobe. ... (7 replies)
... Lesion size and location can vary as can the effect of the lesion. While your left lobe might show the largest lesion, is this lesion active? ... (7 replies)
... my MS specialist along with my regular Neuro have decided that "one" of the many lesions in my brain is causing this...and the nerve damage is obviously permanent. Its been this way for three years now. ... (5 replies)

... For about one month now i have not been feeling right. Started one morning when i woke up, was very lightheaded, and had this weird pain over my ears just on the right side of my head. I knew the pain was nothing i had felt before. A week later went to my dr and he said it was sinus infection. Needless to say it was not. ... (1 replies)
... ITs very possible. The brain is like a mirror. If you have lesions on the left side of your brain, the right side will most likely be affected. If you have lesions on the right side, the left will be more affected. ... (1 replies)
... the side effects sounded totally horrible and the neurosurgeon thought that was a strange idea. ... (2 replies)
... Despite this, I am terrified at the prospect of what this means. Do lesions on the brain always indicate the presence of MS? ... (4 replies)
... Like you, I only have brain lesions. I also have a negative LP. However, I have over 50 brain lesions, allot more than the average person.... ... (8 replies)
One Side Vs Both
Aug 11, 2010
... body right half problems..... ... (15 replies)
... e very encouraging news today from my doctor. My EP, Spinal MRI and Spinal Tap all came back clear which I am very happy about. However, I do have a very large lesion on the left side of my brain that is too large to be caused by migraines or anything else and may explain the numbness on the right side of my body. ... (2 replies)
... Also, I have 9 small lesions on the right side of my brain, but not in the area where MS lesions usually are. Anybody else have brain lesions like this? ... (6 replies)
... fingers, hand, arm, chest, back on the right side of my body. ... (0 replies)
My MS Diagnosis
Jul 6, 2008
... On May 10th of this year after riding my ATV for about 50 miles and clearning some treees that fell from the winter I developed some weakness in my right side, both arm and leg. It felt mainly like my leg and then could tell it was my arm also. ... (14 replies)
... The pain i have, is caused by a lesion on my brain which is affecting my hand. ... (10 replies)
... put one diagnosis as MS. Last Monday my neurologist spent a lot of time explaining the MRI results, showing me several different lesions and white spots. On the right side of my brain he explained that this is exactly what a MS lesion looks like. ... (8 replies)
... did the neuro mention whether the two lesions in your brain were enhancing? ... (24 replies)
... spinal chord. To date they have discovered only one lesion in the center of her brain, none on her spinal cord. ... (20 replies)
Leg pain
Aug 6, 2001
... Absolutely. I was diagnosed with only one demyelinating lesion in my brain. It can be assumed that having only one lesion show and having clinical symptoms, you have other lesions that are not showing up. ... (1 replies)
... spinal chord. To date they have discovered only one lesion in the center of her brain, none on her spinal cord. ... (5 replies)
Nov 1, 2011
... all negative, with only a small issue in the brain stem... ... (4 replies)

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