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Shoulder Pain
Oct 20, 2006
... Hi SRSuper and everyone else. I was looking through this board and found info about peoples pain in neck etc. It's page 122. That's when I researched, you will have to take awhile to search. I should have saved in favourite. ... (10 replies)
Back pain and MS
Jun 1, 2011
... Hello! I agree with MSNik, I've been having horrible, gut wrenching back and shoulder pain since thursday. Even with Advil or the Lyrica samples given to me by Neurological I've have zero to no relief... ... (3 replies)
MS Pain
Aug 27, 2010
... Was just wondering about what types of pain is experienced with MS. I know that everyone is different, however is it common to have pain in one specific spot which is pretty much relentless and never goes. ... (1 replies)

... yrs ago i had dizzy spells, and right sided headaches, and my vision would go blurry, ona and off blurring. ... (5 replies)
... in left hand and fingers. This symtom led to my dx of MS, however MS Specialist swears that its ALL MS related, whereas radiologist picked up buldging discs in C spine area along with stenosis....went to see Ortho guy for another opinion. ... (7 replies)
Shoulder Pain
Oct 19, 2006
... Hey Fairynuf and everyone else who is interested. ... (10 replies)
Shoulder Pain
Oct 19, 2006
... I also have shoulder pain. I have no dx of ms yet, but I fear that it may be the cause for me. ... (10 replies)
... I get alot of upper shoulder pain when I have very long used to drive me nuts all the time, now its just sometimes. I think, honestly, that this has alot to do with my MS.... ... (10 replies)
... Hi I use Neuortin for pain and spasms. ... (3 replies)
... shoulder pain, and headaches, I was given the diagnosis of muscle spasms and PT was recommended. ... (15 replies)
... About a month ago I started having a process of pain and parethesias that goes something like this. First, a horrible, sharp pain in right arm. That night pain and tingling in arms and leg. This faded over the next few days. Then WHAM! ... (3 replies)
Shoulder Pain
Oct 25, 2006
... I'm sorry to hear about everyones shoulder pain but I am glad to hear that I am not loosing my mind. I thought it was the way I was sleeping and tried to lay still on my back or on my side and it would still be sore in the morning. I didn't even connect it with MS. ... (10 replies)
Shoulder Pain
Oct 19, 2006
... Hey, Just To Let You Know, I Had Mono When I Was In High School And Also Had A Spinal Injury In 1999, Actually I Was Rearended On The High Way And Herniated A Disk In My Neck And Had To Have Surgery And Had A Plate Put In And Fusion. Its Been Down Hill From There. Continuing Neck Pain Ever Since.. ... (10 replies)
Pain and MS
Jun 22, 2006
... Is mild joint pain a symptom of MS? ... (10 replies)
... undefinedarial black font6 sizepurplealign center (6 replies)
... My legs feel very heavy and usually at night they feel warm to touch. ... (6 replies)
... I posted this in the Neuropathy forum for lack of a better location, and I found some info on MS, and some of it sounded similiar to my symptoms. I apologize if this doesn't belong here, I'm not sure where to post it at this point! ... (1 replies)
... My only advise is to calm down. I was very impatient few months ago. Now i know this is what doctors say until they cant diagnose something based on labs and images. This is not their problem. ... (37 replies)
... Please bear with me folks while I get this all out. It is a long,long story and I will explain why I have landed on an MS board. ... (37 replies)
... Pardon the long story. This is my first post, and I figured I'd post it in here since I"m having a MRI done Wednesday to "rule out" MS. I'm a 25 year old female. ... (8 replies)

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