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... It may or may not be. I have twitching which is MS and those which are not MS. My right eye twitches due to the light sensitivity. ... (3 replies)
... From what you are telling us, you have so much more going on, and actually the tingling and things you describe arent really MS related tingling. ... (6 replies)
Eye twitching
Aug 29, 2004
... too much caffeine, stress, eye infection, hair irritating it, eye makeup.........I don't think it's linked with MS. ... (10 replies)

... also hashimotos antibodies, I am very concerned since the top of my head feels so numb, and also my face numbs up alot, and my left arm gets numb and my left eye twiches all day long, and my sight gets blurred, and my eyes kind of feel heavy to the point that I have to close them for a while. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, Ive never heard anyone else talk of this but I have it. When my MS symptoms started happening I did not know I had MS or what was going on and I had the numb/tingling on my scalp. It really scared me and I thought anurism or something, not sure why I thougth that, several in my family have had anurisms so I guess thats why. I still get that sensation, I finally... (1 replies)
... my records, the lesion was there when they had me in the hospital in the stroke unit. But no one thought it was important. I have been diagnosed with probable MS because there is only 1 lesion. I'm going to a MS clinic in Houston for a second opinion. ... (2 replies)
... (5 replies)
... I was just wondering if fasciculations are a common symptom in MS. I am currently on a muscle relaxer due to my muscle twitching, spasms and stiffness. The twitching is pretty much daily, I may have 1 to 2 good days. If I work or walk a distance the twitching becomes worse. ... (5 replies)
MS fear
Jun 3, 2015
... t know that anxiety could kick in. I went to see my doctor multiple time at 3 week mark and all blood work was ok. I also developed random muscle twitching from my eyelid to whole body. ... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone, my name is Jen and i am 26 years old. I have been reading posts and researching ms for a little while now since i have been having some weird symptoms and i would just like to hear someones opinion... ... (15 replies)
... o,etc a group of ppl came and..just told me i had multiple lessions on my brain scattered they were 2mm..that they think its delimiting disease they dint mention MS at all since i was in ER and i was there w.o a health care provider..etc at some point i got moved into a room.. ... (6 replies)
... An excellent observation by SassyBrass. Stress can have many indicating signs and eye twitching could be a harbinger of an impending concern. Stress is something MSers need to be on guard to stop or avoid. ... (3 replies)
... rk just cramped and locked up, quite painfully. The same thing happened to the toes on my left foot a few days later as I was walking. I am worried this could be MS spasms? ... (17 replies)
... I think the fact that you are feeling better is a placebo effect. Why would I tell you that it could be a MS relapse? ... (161 replies)
Eye twitching
Dec 24, 2008
... ptom of my MS. I would wait and see what happens. You might test yourself and see whether light causes the twitching. You might also do a stress check because twitching could also be a sign of stress. You indicated your anxiety. Anxiety can present with symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... Increase in floaters in eyes. Grey line goes across left eye when looking left to right. ... (9 replies)
... I'm new here and currently undergoing testing for MS. I have a lot of the symptoms of MS but they seem somewhat different or far less severe than what I've read about. ... (5 replies)
Eye twitching
Sep 1, 2004
... My neurologist says if it is MS it appears to be mild or just beginning. ... (10 replies)
... In December of last year, I started having a pain like a terrible bruising in the upper part of my left eye. It would intensify when I moved my eye or made any expression involving my eyebrows. That lasted for two weeks and then, just as mysteriously as the wrist problem, it went away. ... (9 replies)
Eyelid twitching
Apr 30, 2013
... I have MS and just recently went through 3 days of eye twitching which almost drove me insane...I wound up at the eye doctor, thinking I had an infection. ... (2 replies)

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