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... back to normal yet. The tremors seem to happen when I attempt to do something only. I feel them everywhere, fingers, arms, legs, diaphragm, and jaw. I have some twitching and pain in my eye also, but the vision seems unchanged. ... (7 replies)
Advice Please
Dec 27, 2015
... es, but it happens often. Also I see double whenever I look at LCD lights. I was told by an opthamologist that it was probably an undiagnosed astigmatism, but my eye doctor cant find one.My symptoms are body wide and vary day to day. ... (5 replies)
... I am in my 5th week since that morning of waking up to the numbness from waist down especially my feet. Since that I have had added symptoms such as eye pain in both eyes and a day where I had stabbing pains in my left eye. ... (3 replies)

Optic neuritis??
Apr 15, 2010
... ophthalmologist said yesterday there was nothing wrong, that it was simple need of correction in the prescription. But did not explain how eye changes can come on so suddenly. The optometrist saw her 2 weeks ago and then earlier this week and commented that her prescription changed significantly. ... (3 replies)
Am I just....
Mar 20, 2009
... having problems opening jars, grabbing things, I cant remember my zip code, cant do normal multiplication, have unusual twitching episodes and a slew of other symptoms. I went to a rheumatologist and he diagnosed me with fibro. ... (2 replies)
... r events happened when I had been completely awake, although always in the evening. I'm so sore from seizing! I spoke to my CA neuro, and he truly feels I have MS that isn't showing up in tests. From what I've read, it sounds more and more like I have PPMS, and have had EVERY symptom discussed. ... (6 replies)
Feeling better
May 20, 2008
... My right eye goes through periods of spasms. Twitching and it's really annoying! ... (9 replies)
... I told her that I am an educated woman and that I have been doing my own research and that I felt like it was MS or some other condition affecting my central nervous system. She said she didn't think any my symptoms had anything to do with my CNS. ... (8 replies)
... Had a few visible muscles in the leg twitching away like a good un! ... (5 replies)
Need help?????
May 8, 2007
... the doc today was very frustrating, i sat in the waiting room with my right eye almost closed from be swollen and my limbs twitching for almost 2 full hrs before i showed my stating please tell me why the hell i have been sitting here this long, they looked suprised... ... (24 replies)
... 6 years ago I started having 3-5 second blindness in both eyes. then 3 years ago I had complete paralysis in rt leg, no reflex in that leg. Walked with cane 4 days. Since then and in between I have had trouble swallowing ( the muscles in my throat don't respond at all for a few minutes) Almost blindness or darkening of vision cramps in my arms and legs tingling in my... (7 replies)
... My left eye is getting weaker, slightly blurry now and I need glasses. ... (4 replies)
... I forget to mention that I also had epidural injection and facet injection from 2011 till Sept 2012 after my last facet injection things got intensely worse. Thank you Jayhawk for you response, it means a lot to know there are understanding people still out there. I am glad you are willing to just sit by with me and take this ride of limbo - land. I always hated not knowing... (82 replies)
... or when I wake up paralyze in the middle of the night, or the legs issues, Muscle spasms and twitching is getting worse and I have it every day now and all night or what about my speech and handwriting. ... (82 replies)
... Experience less frequent bouts of dizziness, twitching off an on over the next several years, but nothing that lasted. ... (0 replies)
... Experience less frequent bouts of dizziness, twitching off an on over the next several years, but nothing that lasted. ... (15 replies)
... I recall getting a "twitching" in my left eye every once in a while. Didn't last long and never thought much of it until you mentioned it. ... (8 replies)
... Thank you for your reponse. I will see my Neurologist who specializes in MS next month. Fortunately I had started to keep a list of the "weird" things and I have no problem sharing this with you. Here they are... ... (4 replies)
... I am going to copy and paste a log I am keeping because I am frankly too weak to type it all up. Please give me any thoughts or suggestions as to what it could be. I am praying its not MS, or even Lyme, but I have to know what it is to treat it. The numbness and the weakness are my 2 biggest complaints, esp my right leg/feet and arm/hands. Thank you. I posted this on the Lyme... (12 replies)
... the twitching and stuff begins I later during the day I have a harder time focusing my eyes... Hang in there, it's weird, but we're not alone! ... (8 replies)

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