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Eyelid twitching
Apr 30, 2013
... It is hard to know, but for me, it is. My twitching is triggered by light frequency and without my sunglasses, my eye lid will shut completely. You might need to ask your neuro. ... (2 replies)
... oint pain, back pain and spasms, neck pain, muscle aches, . I have many spasms in many different muscles. It feels like a charley horse. I have lots of muscle twitching too and some occasional tremors in my hands. ... (5 replies)
Could I have MS?
Apr 17, 2011
... f sleep I get at night, I NEVER feel fully refreshed and awake. Of course I've been online all day looking this stuff up and a lot of my symptoms match those of MS but I haven't had any vision or bladder problems. I have been experiencing sporadic eye twitches for years but am not having any of those now. ... (2 replies)

... I have had light sensitivity issues in my right eye since 2002. I use a pair of polarized sunglasses even indoors. ... (19 replies)
... Since I last posted I have had the results back from my LP and evoked potential tests. Both the tests came back as normal. Do you know if it is possible to have MS with a clear MRI and LP? ... (5 replies)
Eye twitching
Aug 28, 2004
... I have had an eye twitch for around a week now. Yes, in the past, like everyone else I've had the little muscle below my eye twitch a little from time to time but never 24 hours a day for a full week. ... (10 replies)
... BTW, my aunt has MS and my sister has Myasthenia Gravis. I was hoping to get in for an MRI just to rule out some things. Am VERY nervous about this. Just a week ago I was fine. ... (1 replies)
... Funny thing u mentioned the eye test thing.. ... (11 replies)
... I feel like my vision in my left eye has become increasingly more blurry. ... (4 replies)
Do I have MS?
Apr 8, 2011
... I am new here and feeling pretty frustrated and afraid. I know this is a common question so I apologize for any repetition :D Here is my somewhat long story- Age 16- kept passing out then had severe weakness for 1 week, in bed. Could hardly move or talk. In hospital overnight for tests. Suspected Mono but not conclusive. Was also in my first trimester of pregnancy. ... (2 replies)
... re related. Tomorrow 7pm I start the 48 hour EEG. I will post my results here. Today I finally went out with some friends and I feel the best. When I got home my eye twitched a little and I started getting pressure in my sinuses again. ... (19 replies)
... olutely wiped since this morning. I am BEYOND fatigued today, and trying to take naps inbetween classes... I know for a fact something isn't right, whether it be MS or not... due to the fact that I am a 20 year old, in shape, female ... and I don't have half of the energy I did over a year ago. ... (45 replies)
Could I have MS
Apr 5, 2008
... s, I had the thyroid gland removed and put all my symptoms down to that. HOwever about 6 months after surgery they returned but worse and with new symptoms a twitching around my right eye muscle. ... (1 replies)
Ms symptoms?
Sep 23, 2005
... blurred vision,double vision, burning sensation of my calves, upper arms, sorta like a squeezing pressure, also I have had numerous amounts of muscle spasms, and eye twitching. my primary care physican told me it was something called nueropoly, and put me on Amitripylin,and also meclizine for vertigo spins. ... (2 replies)
Eye twitching
Sep 8, 2004
... I am glad I can bring a bit of good news! The answer to your question about my mom ever having treatment is yes and no. My mom was adamant about not trying any "new experimental" drugs, but she does take medication to help with her stiffness and mobility. But, she does not have MS alone, and many of her symptons are from the combination of her MS, Schogrunds (sp?),... (10 replies)
... Really none what so ever I am twisting the cells out of my brain trying to remember. I do beleive that at one point in August there was slight twitching under my left eye, also the strange chipping and breaking of my nails when I have always had strong nails. ... (24 replies)
Eye twitching
Dec 24, 2008
... So it could be just one of those "symptoms" of MS I just have to deal with from time to time? ... (5 replies)
Eye issues
Oct 23, 2007
... Or an eye doctor? ... (6 replies)
... Over the last month my health has gone very much so downhill. It started with an infected wisdom tooth. While this tooth was in my mouth i began noticing strange behavior, id wake up with strange light patterns in my vision, and ringing in my ears, slight numbness, most all of this occuring on the side with the infected tooth, my left. Every saturday morning id wake up with a... (2 replies)
MS Dos and Don'ts
Aug 15, 2013
... I'm still interested in what others have to say. For example you just mentioned hydration. I think that was my problem yesterday and as a result my eye was twitching. From now on I will make sure I am hydrated. ... (6 replies)

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