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... on my left side and discomfort feeling, well today this morning I have a feeling that my left side of my face is numb, I also have a tingly feeling underneath my eye and going towards my nose.. I used a tac to poke myself to see if it really is numb but I can feel the poke.. ... (161 replies)
... Thank you in advance for reading my post. I'm not sure where to turn. I am a 39 year old female and been having some strange symptons for a while that really worry me. I'm nervous about sharing them with family, friends, or coleagues because they might label be as a hypochondriac. It started many months ago with fatigue, loss of cordination and balance, bad... (2 replies)
... Hello Everybody, Let me start by saying that I am 30 years old and had my first child 8 weeks ago. I had a normal pregnancy, until the last trimester when I developed high blood pressure and swelling. I was induced with an epidural, and gave birth vaginally. 3 days after birth my problems started. I started getting heart palpitations, chills, really high blood pressure... (10 replies)

... ens on a regular basis. I also feel numbness in my right hand and legs very occasionally while in bed. This goes off immediately by stretching. I have occasional twitching just below my right eye. Not lasting long. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, thanks for sharing. I am one of those people without a dx. 4 months ago I started to get pulsating sometimes deep burning pains in my body that move around (ankle, toes, feet, fingers, spine sometimes shin) and the onset I noticed extreme joint cracking. Usually the pain just lasts a few minutes and moves on. Well now the past month I have had non stop muscle twitching... (17 replies)
MS twitching ??
May 15, 2008
... Well that's good news to hear :) I'm fairly sure I'm not dealing with an infection as far as the mouth goes... no visible signs, several times blood work done and CBC excellent, no fevers, etc. It's almost not there in the morning, by later day I could cry from the pain of it, and I can feel sharp shooting pains coming from just below my eye (mainly right side) down my face... (13 replies)
May 20, 2007
... Sent to rheumatologist, said possibly SLE, but no other labs abnormal. Have had HA for 2 weeks with fuzzy spots in my visual field almost constantly. Sent to eye doc, have lost lower aspect of my visual field, said to have MRI. MRI results show white matter lesions and generalzied atrophy and sinusitis. ... (8 replies)
Do I have MS?
Aug 2, 2006
... OK, I am 28 years old and these are my following symptoms 1)Numbness and twitching of face (not all the time) 2)Numbness in feet and hands 3)Pins and needles feeling in legs hands and feet 4)Vision in left eye is worse than the right 5)Have weird tunnel vision -Lines in vision like a kaleidascope 6)Feeling of weakness in legs(sometimes) 7)Cramping in calves (1 replies)
... even have twitching lips sometime! ... (2 replies)
... (4 replies)
... rm still feel weak. I'm getting tingling sensations in the right part of my head, and a slight headache in the right backward part of my head. And today my right eye started making involuntary twitching. The bottom part is moving by itself or contracting by itself. ... (4 replies)
... I'm sorry this is so long! I've been being tested for MS for the past 6 months or so. ... (12 replies)
... Then... my right eye began to twitch. A lot. I'd had eye twitch before. Usually when I was tired or overworked. I figured that was it. ... (3 replies)
... ever since i went to eye dr, i have noticed a lot of floaters but i read those are usually harmless and quite common. ... (8 replies)
... In August of last year I had an incident occur where out of nowhere my left eye shot inwards causing me to see double. ... (9 replies)
... My left eye went blurry. Family Doc thought might be retina detachment. My optometrist did a full eye check up and said my vison had simply worsened slightly. She changed my prescription and I went back 3 weeks later with the same results. ... (5 replies)
... Legs begin having episodes of pain. Facial tingling moves from just near jaw and ear to encompass right eye. Muscles around eye feel twitchy and eye keeps trying to close itself. Very tired. ... (3 replies)
... realized that was what he was looking for and he confirmed that was what he was looking for at my follow up. Along with back pain, some of my other symptoms were twitching in my arm and fingers, tightness around my ribs, a zap in my neck, severe pain in my R eye that I had for about 5 months, numb big toes, and numbness in my face. ... (13 replies)
... his has been something that will wake me up at night these days. Sugar and caffeine, and being tired are either triggers or make it worse. I have been to regular eye doc appointments the last year and a half, and when I got my new glasses, they weren't crystal clear. I felt a pulling and blurriness in my right eye. ... (16 replies)
... my left eye seems to have a film over it, kinda blurry. No biggie. I have a list of odd unexplained symptoms. ... (1 replies)

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