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... HI and welcome. Im sorry you are going thru this and I hope you get the answers you need. ... (5 replies)
... The contrast is used becasue with it, the radiologist can see little tiny lesions on your brain which may otherwise be missed. Also, when contrast is injected, active lesions will glow white. ... (11 replies)
Could be MS or ???
Jun 17, 2011
... that it was neurological, it took them a few years. We were getting really frustrated. So she had an MRI and a spinal tap and they diagnosed her with MS. She had lesions on her brain however her spinal tap came back negative for MS. ... (4 replies)

Losing it
Jun 30, 2010
... says he suspects all my symptoms are psychosomatic and that the LP was a FALSE POSITIVE. ... (2 replies)
... sure. You should really read up on the McDonald Criteria which is what they have to use in order to dx MS. ... (34 replies)
... There are no answers. In my own case, I have MS, the neuropathy was tough to dx, as I also have Cspine disc herniations... ... (7 replies)
... hi again. No, they cant see lesions on a CT scan and yes the only way youll ever find out is with a MRI...and thats just the beginning. ... (6 replies)
... Can I ask what age group you are in? ... (7 replies)
Dec 31, 2009
... neuro dr. who gave me a milllion tests which consists of a mri of the head which showed more interval increase in scattered punctate foci of high t2flair signal lesions involving the bilateral frontal and parietal subcotical white matter non specific. ... (3 replies)
I'm a little lost
Jun 11, 2009
... Hi ya Teacher. Im soooo very sorry to hear the state you are in. Its been awhile since we've heard from you and Id hoped that no news was good news. I see now, that you have had one heck of a hard time lately. ... (12 replies)
... layer of tissue which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. ... (2 replies)
... Ive got my own problems at work and in my marriage....but I can REALLY TRULY understand the frustration you are having! When life gets that overwhelming, nothing goes well... ... (10 replies)
Jan 25, 2009
... and I say that only because they are so very vague.....what you describe is the same as 100 other diseases...the blurry vision, isnt MS. ... (2 replies)
Feeling helpless
Oct 16, 2008
... ea to stick long needle in my back, they say you have to stay calm and not move the possbility of me passing out doctor says no. I have not gotten an MRI of the brain that is what i am gong to ask my doctor for on friday. ... (5 replies)
... l and she and I have shared many stories over the past two years with alot of similarities. Listen to her, just like you listened to me. She is wise and knows of what she speaks! ... (45 replies)
MS drugs
Aug 23, 2008
... I also asked about what they are doing with Tysabri. The two more recent cases, in Europe, I was told did not result in deaths, however one of the patients is permenantly brain damaged. ... (6 replies)
... so its probably very similar to what you read.. ... (38 replies)
... I think my neuro was just calling it this to make explanation easier. He also said some neuros are still reluctant to diagnose ms when the lesions are not in classic areas of brain even though patient is experiencing sensory neurological symptoms for many many years. ... (5 replies)
... but you will survive this, we all have! You will be around for your grandchildren and if more children are really what you want, then the option of not starting meds right away is there.... ... (8 replies)
... min, yes, a B12 deficiency can cause lesions on the brain and also the spine. What types of sx are you experiencing? ... (17 replies)

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