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Hello All,

My mum was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy at approximately the age of 24, a couple of years after i was born. However, there were evident symptoms from early on in her life where she would randomly fall over. As her son, I'm naturally concerned about whether this is an inherited disease as I am soon to have my own child. My mum was advised by her doctor that both me and my sister don't have the disease however i'm not entirely sure how it manifests itself or whether i'm a potential carrier for the condition.

I hope that more awareness to this condition hits the mainstream like cancer research etc. I feel muscular dystrophy in this country is not known by the general public, and most people think of MS! which is a shame because the more people that can give to the charity for MD the closer they will become to finding a cure.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards, Lewis
My dad was diagnosed with LGMD at 35. I was diagnosed at 40 but in reality I was tripping and weak for many years before and tried to ignore it. You probaly know that Limb-Girdle MD can be inherited dominant or recessive. LGMD type 1 being dominant and LGMD type 2 beign recessive. Do lots of on-line searching and it will be more clear what your chances are of having it or passing it on. I have kids so I appreciate your fears. So far they are okay at 13 and 16 years old.
Freinds, and co-workers always think I have MS as well. It's frustrating but I patiently correct them.
Read my other Muscular Dystrophy posts. I too am on a long diagnostic journey trying to figure out which form I have. But I'm hopeful and I think I'm close to some answers.
They can figure out a lot from bloodwork and even more through a small muscle biopsy. It sounds like you live in England. Does MDA have any clinics or programs there?

Best of luck to you and your family.


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