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Hey Moses,

How strange . . . . MY sister had MS ! She passed away 2 years ago (at age 48) but she also had diabetes and the combination was too much. How strange that we both have Dysferlinopathy in our early 40's and a sister with MS.

There is a silver lining. Most Dysferlinopathies (98%) are Recessive Inheritance which means if you're married to a "healthy" woman, your kids COULD be carriers but are less likely to be affected. Hopefully by the time they have kids, there will be a treatment.

My MD is proximal, that is my quadriceps and stomach muscles are shot. I can't get up from a chair or raise my knee toward the sky. However, I CAN stand on my toes. My calves are strong. Therefore my Dysferlinopathy is presenting as a Limb-Girdle type dystrophy.

Keep your spirits up and please keep me posted on any developments or progress in your diagnosis.


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