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Hey hopalong too,
I am the Mom of a 5 year old with MD. i was just wondering, have you had your muscle enzyme levels tested? It's called a CPK blood test, it checks to see how your muscles are functioning. If it's elevated your muscle are not working properly. It was the first test we had run when my son was diagnosed. If you haven't had it yet, I would ask the doctor to run it, especially since you have children. If your muscles are not working right, then they could go ahead and test your children, and if they show signs of damage, they could go ahead and start treating them, to help slow the process. Like Mark said, I'm not trying to scare you, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. I had a CPK test done after we found out about my son, and mine were normal, and so far my other children's levels are normal too, but I feel better just knowing that. Keep your head held up high, and keep reading some of these posts. I read them all the time, even though most people on here are adults, it helps me deal with what's going on with my son. Mark is a big encourager to everyone on this board, so make sure to read his posts. When I first started viewing this board Mark told me not to worry about him and let him be a normal little kid. Let him get those scrapes and bruises while riding a bike. And oh what a thrill Christmas morning when I saw him peddle his bike all by himself, it had training wheels, but he was finally able to do it alone. Hallelujah!!!!!!! Keep us updated and have a great new year!!!

CJ's Mom

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