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New Member
Feb 10, 2008
Hello. I am the mother of 2 children, boy is 17 girl is 14, who's father and grandmother had FSH MD. I've went threw all the genetics counsling when I was pregnant. Alot has changed since then. Their father died 2 years ago at 39, although I've found that FSH doesn't always shorten life span. His mother died at 31. My oldest has decided he wants to know. He does show some symptoms, although it's hard to tell if they are from FSH or from a bad car accident 3 years ago. If anyone has any suggestions on the most painless tests please let me know. He did have a CPK, came back 334. The range was said to be 100-200. His father was the only person I've ever known or even seen in person with FSH. I guess I'm just looking for other people or parents of people with this problem. This appears to be the best site for what I'm looking for. Thank you, Teri:)

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