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Re: Diagnosis
Mar 7, 2008
I felt pretty much the same as Kathy. But I was COMPLETELY expecting the diagnosis. It was like going to the doctor with a sprained ankle and being told you have a sprained ankle. My dad had LGMD and I was going through the same symptoms at almost the same age. I knew it, deep down inside, years before I finally was officially diagnosed. My biggest problem was that I was first diagnosed by a neurologist that specialized in MS, He was positive that I had FSH dystrophy. Not even close! FSH affects your hands, shoulders and eyelids but leaves you able to walk, etc for decades. He said "There's no such thing as Limb-Girdle". ?????! His opinion was that Limb-Girdle is a term they give it when they don't know but we NOW know there are 20-some types of LGMD.'s a huge ordeal to go through and overwhelming.

Good luck to you.

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