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Hi b888,

I read your post last week. I hesitated to reply because I'm by no means qualified to suggest a diagnosis. However, I do know quite a bit about a few neurological disorders through my own experience. I am a 48 year old male with muscular dystrophy. For the most part, my illness and most other muscular dystrophies are not overly painful or uncomfortable. Twitching is rarely a symptom of muscular dystrophy.

However, twitching CAN be symptomatic of MS (multiple sclerosis). Your twitching could be anything. Maybe serious, maybe nothing.

A family member of mine had MS. Her first early symptoms were a twitching, eletricity-like feeling, in her thighs. It didn't hurt but it drove her nuts.

I hope it proves to be nothing. Most likely it will be nothing. But see a neurologist that you like and trust. Best of luck to you.

I have the twitching eye flutters all kinds of stuff. I did just have brain surgery for a tumor it wasn't cancer but i think it was causing some of it. I still have a bit of it plus i have chronic pain, nerve damage just a mess, they think I may have MS but nothing has shown positive yet for it. It could be a lot of things I know you don't have insurance but if it is bothering you at least go see a nuerologist for a comprehensive exam and tell him about the insurance so you don't want to go for any big tests if he sees no reason. If you go to a nuerosurgeon right away they will send you for a brain scan before you can say hi my name is...good luck!

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