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To all of you with the twitching.
While I do agree self-daignosing is the worst thing to do - and I also thought I had every darn desease known , including MS. Finally after repeated MRI's and still the twitches, tremors, pains in the one arm and leg, blurred vision, yes and even little seizures.
Now the Neuros have found 2 little white lesions. I did infact have a parathyroid removal too. But it all started prior to the removal. And looking back now with the Migraines in my 20's and with the stupid ovarian cysts. I believe now that I have always known something was just off. You just know it . Its not mental you just feel like your brain is so hyperactive and something is off.
I now have been diagnosed with MS. I am in my first remssion and thank god I made it. Stay oway from extreme hot and extreme cold. No sick people near you. No upper respitory colds. Careful with vitamins. NO SMOKING.

I am 37 and on the treadmil 4 miles a day. Taking Celexa for mild depression and Buspar for anxiety and now Zanaflex for muscle spasms - still have them but at least my dreams arent so darn vivid and I go into 3rd and 4th stage sleep and dont dream - this allowing my muscles to rest.
If you notice twitches extremely bad at stress - I mean really upsetting pissed off stress - could be MS. Its your body's way of saying "hey - your frying a nerve and to mellow out"

Hi everyone. I am Tammary. I just had to look up Twitching all over my body and I found all of you.
I have gone to a Rehuemotologist he is running every darn test for Systemic Lupus to every autoimmune desease out there and I will know soon. But I cannot deny the fact that there is 2 small little white spots now on MRI's. One done in 11/02, 3/03 and 4/03

Make sure you look at them too and go to a Neurologist Diagnososis Doctor. You may catch MS before Lesions. You can have MS without Lesions and be all symptomatic. They dont tell you this. Catch it early and make sure to take the nerve blockers to stay calm.


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