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Re: Advice
Jul 21, 2010
I went to the dr and he said I should prepare myself to be confined to a wheelchair because of the pressure I put on my body while walking and picking up heavy things with my arms

I stand quite a few minutes sometimes an hour while cooking and my back is so painfull that even sitting down hurts. I use a warm water bag so ease the pain.

I bought a new office chair to see if this will help but the back pain is getting worse. The arch in my back is becoming severe that my whole upper body is leaning backwards.

My legs is becomming so weak that the way I used to get up is getting harder day by day. I hope that the cold weather contributes to this as it's been so cold the past 2 weeks.

Hopefully when summer arrives this will help to warm up the muscles properly that the pain eases.

I had my left scapula fused to my breast bone a few years ago to look more "normal" to my husband at the time and this caused that my left arms is extremely weak with basically muscle waste from my hand upwards to my shoulders.

The operation was a major flop but from behind (except for the scar) it looks much better. I cannot lift this arm properly at all.

I had a fairy tatooed on my right scapula where the wings lift up if I move my shoulder (big tatoo) I feel that this makes me less concious of how it looks.

I don't understand why I'm starting to feel a bit depressed about my situation as I've deallt with this with a positive attitute all my life.

I'm scared to be alone at home and carry my cell with me wherever I move to in the house even to the bathroom. I'm becomming paranoid about this now.

I've had this for 19 years and now all of a sudden I'm having these "feelings" of helplesness.

I'm getting angry at myself for feeling this way and when my family makes jokes like they've done all the years I'm starting to get angry with them. I used to laught with but things are changing

Do you think my change of mind is because I'm not prepared for the future?

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