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Re: Living alone
Nov 22, 2010
Hey Marlene,

Blood CK, also know as Creatine Kinase or CPK, also know as Creatine phosphokinase, is an enzyme that is found within muscle cells. When a muscle cell is ruptured or dies the CPK leaks into the system where it's carried away by the bloodstream. Normally the CPK level in a healthy person is 80-120. If a weightlifter has a hard workout and wakes up sore the next morning his level might read very elevated...500-1000 because he has damaged some of his muscle cells. In HIS situation however, the cells will be replaced with new cells plus a few extras for good measure. In our situation, MD patients won't replace the damaged cells :(

I have LGMD. My CPK was always 500-550 when first diagnosed. Now it's around 350. I contribute this reduced level to the fact that I no longer have nearly as much muscle mass.......millions of fewer cells to damage.

Some Muscular Dystrophies have extremely high CPK levels. Duchenne's for instance can have CPK readings of 50,000 - 100,000 because the nature of that illness is that the cells are falling apart by the millions.

Your level is not too high which generally means a less aggressive and slower progression disease. I know this was a very technical answer but I hope it helps.

I am impressed that you live alone. I couldn't possibly in my colonial home. I am lucky that I have a helpful and patient wife and daughters.

Take care,


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